January   Carl refuses to be drafted into the army (3rd), claiming conscientious objector status.
  Capitol expect Smile to be delivered to them by the 15th. It isn't. Four days previously,
  the Articles of Incorporation for Brother Records Inc. were filed in Los Angeles.
  February   The Beach Boys sue Capitol on the 28th for unpaid back royalties and $225,000 for an
  outdated 'breakages clause'.
  April   Brian is appointed to the board of the projected Monterey Pop Festival. The Beach Boys
  are scheduled to close the Saturday evening set. Hosted by Leonard Bernsiten, "Inside
  Pop: The Rock Revolution" is aired on CBS on the 25th, Brian's solo performance of
  "Surf's Up" arousing great expectations.
  May   publicist Derek Taylor announces the abandonment of Smile in the rock press, the first
  mention being on the 2nd .
  June   the band, presumably on Brian's say-so, pull out of the Monterey Pop Festival, citing
  pressure to release a new 45 and Carl's upcoming draft trial. The Festival (16th/17th/18th)
  is a huge success and the Beach Boys' no-show is seen as tacit agreement that they are no
  longer hip. Carol files for divorce from Dennis.
  July   drastically reshaped and partly re-recorded centerpiece of Smile, "Heroes And Villains"
  (b/w BW solo chant "You're Welcome") is released after eight months of silence on
  Capitol-distributed Brother Records and fails to make the Top Ten, stalling at #12. Second
  compilation, Best Of The Beach Boys Volume 2, is releases and charts at #50. On the
  18th, Capitol announce that a settlement has been reached between themselves and the
  band, the first result of which is that Capitol will distribute the newly formed Brother
  Records label.
  August   the band (less Bruce) travel to Hawaii where two concerts (25th & 26th) are recorded for
  a proposed live album, Lei'd In Hawaii. The project is shelved due to technical problems
  and the band's poor performance
  September   cut largely at Brian's new home studio, Smiley Smile (largely Smile mutants and hastily
  recorded new material - only "Good Vibrations" and "Heroes And Villains" appear in
  their original versions) is first, and last album released on Brother. The production credit
  reads 'The Beach Boys' and it charts at no more than #41. Second and final Brother 45,
  "Gettin' Hungry/Devoted to You", is released; credited as by Brian & Mike, it is the first
  BB-related release since "Barbie" to fail to chart.
  October   reverting to the Capitol label, "Wild Honey/Wind Chimes" single is released and does
  little to reverse the band's declining fortunes, peaking at #31. Capitol also release The
  Many Moods Of Murry Wilson, an instrumental album: it includes "Italia", an Alan
  Jardine composition that is an uncredited Brian Wilson production.
  December   R'n'B flavored Wild Honey album and extracted "Darlin'/Here Today" 45 are released,
  respectively reaching #24 and #19 in the charts. The hugely influential Rolling Stone
  prints an article by Jann Wenner that compares the Beach Boys unfavorably with The
  Beatles and thus seals their fate by effectively excluding them from serious consideration
  by the new self-appointed rock intelligensia.. The band meet the Maharishi Mahesh Yogi
  in Paris, France.
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