February   20/20, final album required by the Capitol contract, is released and will chart at a
  reasonable (given recent efforts) #68.
  March   extracted single "I Can Hear Music/All I Want To Do" is released and registers at a
  surprising #24 in the charts. Carl & Annie's first child, Jonah, born on the 22nd. The
  Honeys return to Capitol for their final single produced by Brian, "Tonight You Belong
  To Me/Goodnight My Love".
  April   The Beach Boys sue Capitol on the 12th for $2,000,000, reviving the underpayment of
  royalties claim and ending their seven years with the company: as part of the settlement,
  the band retain ownership of all the post-Party albums. Due to their recent commercial
  failures and Brian's growing reputation for unreliability in the record industry, no other
  company seems interested. On the 18th, the band play the Hawthorne High Senior Prom.
  summer   with cousin Steve Korthof and friend Arnie Geller, Brian opens The Radiant Radish
  health food shore, at 8700 West Melrose Avenue (at San Vicente Boulevard) in West
  Hollywood. The Beach Boys are the first western rock band to tour Czechoslovakia
  after the Russian invasion of the previous year, and are ecstatically received. Steve Love
  becomes the band's road manager when Dick Duryea abruptly leaves the European tour.
  June   Stand-alone 45 "Break Away/Celebrate The News" is released and sets a new Capitol
  low, charting at #63 (elsewhere in the world it is a huge hit). The Beach Boys contract
  with Capitol officially expires on the 30th. While on tour in the UK, Carl 'discovers' The
  Flame, a coloured South African group, at a club in London, and later signs them to a
  reactivated Brother Records. The band members are Blondie Chaplin (born July 7th
  1951) and the Fataar brothers, Steve (born March 14th 1943), Edries 'Brother' (born
  6th July 1945, died September 10th 1978) and Ricky (born September 5th 1952).
  August   Manson's followers murder five people at Terry Melcher's old house at 10050 Cielo
  Drive, among them actress Sharon Tate, on the 9th. The next evening they murder Leno
  & Rosemary LaBianca. When Dennis later refuses Manson's requests for aid, his life
  and that of son Scott are threatened.
  October   Brian & Marilyn's second child, Wendy, is born on the 16th.
  November   the Manson 'family' are arrested on the 19th. Manson is later jailed for life: Dennis
  doesn't testify at the trial. Murry sells Sea Of Tunes, and the copyrights to all of Brian's
  songs, to Irving Almo, the publishing division of A&M Records, for $700,000. Brian is
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