January   "Another Day Like Heaven/I'm So Happy" is the second Flame single, also produced by Carl.
  February   Dennis & Barbara's first child, Mike, born on the 19th. The band are booked into New York's
  Carnegie Hall by two fans, Mike Klefner & Chip Rachlin on the 24th. A two-hour set covering
  their whole career is enthusiastically recieved.
  spring   Two-Lane Blacktop is released to critical acclaim but public indifference.
  March   "Cool, Cool Water/Forever" is the latest 45 to miss the charts. Produced by Carl, The Flame,
  the only non-Beach Boys album on Brother, is released. A second album - produced by
  engineer Steve Desper -  is recorded but the band break up and it remains unreleased.
  April   live version of "Wouldn't It Be Nice" from the Big Sur festival (backed with a Merry Clayton
  song) is released on Ode... and also fails to chart. The Beach Boys join The Grateful Dead
  onstage at the Fillmore East, NYC, on the 27th for a legendary jam.
  May   "Long Promised Road/Deirdre" 45 makes it six straight misses. The band play the May Day
  anti-war demonstration in Washington DC and on the 11th, a benefit concert in Syracuse for the
  Berrigan Brothers Defense Fund.
  June   On the 11th, or thereabouts, Dennis has an accident with a plate glass door that severs
  tendons in his hand, effectively preventing him from drumming for some five years. The band
  play at the Fillmore East closing night (27th) which is broadcast on FM radio. The decision is
  made (against Brian's wishes) to include "Surf's Up" on the new album being recorded, and
  to retitle the LP accordingly. Flame drummer Ricky Fataar joins the band, with bass player
  Blondie Chaplin also being co-opted.
  July   the band play two nights in Central Park (2nd & 3rd) which are filmed by ABC TV.
  August   allegedly originally called Landlocked but retitled following the inclusion of the legendary Smile
  track, Surf's Up is released and greatly restores the Beach Boys critical and financial standing
  by charting at #29. On the 19th, ABC TV airs "Good Vibrations From Central Park".
  September   the band stage a return to Carnegie Hall.
  October   re-released (and newly backed by "'Til I Die"), "Long Promised Road" finally charts, ending a
  nineteen-month period during which no Beach Boys single charted. However, at #89, it is the
  lowest charting BB 45 ever released, a 'record', which it will hold for some eighteen years. Carl
  & Annie's second child, Justyn, is born on the 18th. On the same day, Mike marries Tamara
  Fitch in Los Angeles.
  November   "Surf's Up/Don't Go Near The Water" fails to chart. Spring (Marilyn Wilson & Diane Rovell)
  release their first single on United Artists. "Now That Everything's Been Said/Awake" is
  produced by Brian & David Sandler and recorded in Brian's home studio.
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