January   Brian & Marilyn's divorce is finalised. Rocky & Stan are fired as Brian's 'minders'.
  February   produced by Bruce and old friend Curt Becher, much-heralded disco remake of "Here Comes
  The Night" is released in both ten minute plus 12" and edited 7" versions, backed by "Baby
  Blue". Despite - or perhaps because of - adverse comment from just about everybody, the
  edited 45 makes #44 in the charts. Celebration release their second album, Celebration, on
  Mike Nesmith's Pacific Arts label: it fails to chart, and the band soon split.
  March   Brian is released from the Brotman, a regime of 24-hour care having been arranged for him.
  His night nurse is Carolyn Williams, with whom he soon starts a relationship.With production
  credited to The Beach Boys, Bruce Johnston & James William Guercio, the L.A. (Light
  Album) is released and despite heavy promotion from the band climbs no higher than #100.
  The band - including Brian - play a four-night residency (1-4) at New York's Radio City Music
  Hall: this is the only venue where the disco track is performed, as it is rapidly dropped due to
  adverse audience reaction.
  April   "Good Timin'/Love Surrounds Me" 45 is released, and becomes the band's first Top 40 hit for
  nearly three years (at #40).
  May   final and unsuccessful Celebration 45, "Starbaby/Gettin' Hungry" is released.
  July   following an onstage incident at the Universal Amphitheater in Los Angeles, Dennis is
  suspended from the band until he can control his substance abuse.
  August   "Lady Lynda/Full Sail" single is released: while a chart miss in the USA, in the UK it is a Top
  ten hit and a success in other territories. The band tour Japan. Carl & Annie's divorce becomes
  October   extracted from the Americathon soundtrack album, "It's A Beautiful Day" 45, backed with
  "Sumahama" fails to chart. On the 2nd, The Beach Boys were scheduled to record backing
  vocals for some tracks on Pink Floyd's The Wall, but the session (at Sundance Productions)
  was cancelled that morning, reportedly by the BB once they learned of the themes os the LP.
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