January   at the 2nd Rock & Roll Hall Of Fame induction dinner on the 22nd, Sire Records
  president Seymour Stein makes Brian an informal offer to record a solo album.
  March   Brian Wilson solo single "Let's Go To Heaven In My Car/Too Much Sugar" is released,
  to no chart action. (The version on the Police Academy 4 - Citizens On Patrol 
  soundtrack, released the same month, is slightly different). The Sire deal is finalised
  (without Usher's involvement), and Brian begins working on his solo album with Andy
  Paley. The 'Wilson Project' is effectively dead, killed by Landy's continual interference.
  May   "Wipe Out", an entirely unlikely collaboration between The Beach Boys and heavyweight
  rappers The Fat Boys, is released and climbs to #12 in the charts (in the UK, it reaches an
  astonishing #2 !). Originally it was going to be a collaboration with Run-DMC: the whole
  story has yet to emerge...
  November   "Happy Endings/California Girls (live)", the former a collaboration with Little Richard
  from the movie The Telephone, and based on an unreleased Bruce Johnston
  composition "Brand New Old Friends", is released but fails to chart. Carl marries Gina
  Martin, (daughter of Dean, born December 20th, 1956) in Las Vegas on the 8th.
  December   Mattel Toys make a new addition to their Barbie range, California Dream Barbie, whose
  packaging includes a 5" flexidisc credited to The Beach Boys entitled "Livin' Doll", a
  Wilson/Landy Morgan composition. The track is actually a Brian solo performance based
  on an earlier song, "Christine".
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