February   the lawsuit brought by Mike over Brian's 'autobiography' is settled with a payment to
  April   Mike marries Jacqueline Piesen on the 24th in Lake Tahoe, NV.
  July   the Good Vibrations box set is certified Gold.
  November    at a Brian Wilson tribute concert on the 3rd at the Morgan-Wixon Theater, Santa Monica
  CA, Brian himself performs. Reportedly he is much taken with the performance of The
  Wondermints. The famed Wilson/Paley sessions take place.
  December   A federal jury decide that Mike had been deprived of his due credit on some 35 songs
  (12th). Mike & Brian settle the songwriting case, with Mike being awarded $5 million
  and future royalties on the disputed compositions (20th).
  winter   Brian and daughter Carnie join forces with Rob Wasserman on his Trios album, the result
  being "Fantasy Is Reality/Bells Of Madness".