March   Eugene Landy, Brian's controversial former psychologist, dies in Honolulu, HI on the
  22nd of lung cancer. He was 71.
  April   Alan Jardine announces that The Beach Boys will reform in London, in November, for a
  concert celebrating the 40th anniversary of Pet Sounds. None of the other surviving band
  members seem to know anything about this.
  May   Brian guests on daughter Carnie's first solo album, A Motherís Gift: Lullabies From The
  Heart, duetting on "You Are So Beautiful". The Hallmark Card company issue a Beach
  Boys CD as a Father's Day promotion: the bulk of Songs From Here And Back
  comprises previously unreleased live performances from 1974 and 1989, but also
  included are 'new' studio recordings from Brian, Mike & Alan (respectively "Spirit Of
  Rock & Roll" (2005), "Cool Head" (2005)  & "PT Cruiser" (2002)). Alan further
  announces that he will be doing some charity shows with Brian later in the year: once
  again this is news to the other party involved, leading some to wonder what Alan is up to.
  June   At Capitol Records on the 13th, a ceremony is held celebrating the double platinum
  status of Sounds Of Summer is held. All surviving band members attend, making it the
  first time Brian, Mike, Alan & Bruce have shared a stage since September 1996, and the
  first time ever that those four and David Marks stood together. Is this the prelude to a
  fully-fledged reunion ? Probably not...
  July   Brian plays a Las Vegas casino on the 1st: Darian is replaced by Gary Griffin and is later
  revealed to have a year's contract with Disney TV to score animated series. A show set
  for two days later at his Lake Arrowhead home is cancelled. On the 23rd he also plays a
  festival in New SouthWales, Australia. Both concerts are the 'hits' format. Catch A
  Wave: The Rise, Fall & Redemption Of Brian Wilson by Peter Ames Carlin (with
  input from the Wilson family) is belatedly published. Sounds of Summer (the US CD/
  DVD version) is released in the UK, failing to chart.
  September   On the 16th, Brian plays the Staglin Family Music Festival for Mental Health in Napa
  Valley, CA, a charity show. He and his young daughters also contribute backups on the
  Spongebob Squarepants album The Best Day Ever.
  October   Brian plays Neil Young's Bridge Benefit in San Francisco on the 21st.
  November   Brian plays Pet Sounds at UCLA's Royce Hall on the 1st, with Alan Jardine guesting. He
  then plays a one-off Pet Sounds show in London on the 12th, in conjunction with his
  induction into the UK Music Hall Of Fame (on the 14th): this will be the last time he will
  play the whole album in the UK. Returning to the US, Brian then takes Pet Sounds on a
  short north east US tour, from the 17th-22nd, visiting Washington, Boston, Philadelphia
  & New York (Darian takes part in all these shows). Alan also guests on these dates.
  Mike & Bruce play dates in Scandinavia. Mike releases a radioplay only seasonal single,
  "Santa's Goin' To Kokomo".
  December   The Beach Boys celebrate their 45th anniversary, traditionally on the 31st.