February At the 55th Grammy Awards on the 10th, The Smile Sessions wins the award for
Best Historical Album. Interviewed following his acceptance speech, Brian states
there likely won't be any more touring by the full band but hints at the possibility of a
new album.
  March Mike & Bruce tour the Far East 23rd-28th, playing Hong Kong, Shanghai and Tokyo.
  April Brian takes part in the Rock and Roll Fantasy Camp at the MGM Grand in Las
Vegas, 18th-21st.
  May The Beach Boys Live: The 50th Anniversary Tour 2CD set is released on the 21st.
It will peak at #94.
  June Milton Edward Love dies on the 20th, aged 95.
  July With special guests Alan Jardine & David Marks, Brian embarks on a six-date
summer US tour: Bob Lizik (bass) returns to Brian's band after an absence of some
five years. Mike & Bruce make a short visit to Europe.
  August A six CD box set, Made in California, is released on the 27th. Earlier in the month,
a 21-date US tour co-headlined by Brian & Jeff Beck, and featuring Alan & David, is
announced. It will run from late September to late October.
  September Blondie Chaplin is officially confirmed as being a special guest on selected dates of
Brian's tour with Jeff Beck. Filming wraps on a BW biopic. Brian's co-headlining
tour with Jeff Beck kicks off on the 27th.
  October The Wilson/Beck tour closes on the 30th after 22 dates and near unanimously
outstanding reviews: the odd pairing worked better than anyone dared hope.
  December It's officially announced that the Dennis biopic The Drummer has been shelved. On
the 17th, Capitol released The Big Beat 1963, a download-only collection of
assorted demos, non-Beach Boys BW productions and some Honeys demos. It is,
unashamedly, an exercise in (European Union) copyright extension, albeit with an
unexpected benefit for hardcore BB fans.