January   On the 30th, Brian's wife Melinda dies in Los Angeles: she was 77.
February   Following the passing of his wife, on the 16th Brian's website announces that following
  consultations with the seven children, housekeeper Gloria Ramos, his doctors and Brian
  himself, her conservatorship will pass to longtime Wilson family representatives LeeAnn
  Hard and Jean Sievers. Other reports cite the application (which will be heard April 30th) as
  stating that Brian has dementia, which Sievers confirmed a day later.
April   On the 2nd The Beach Boys by The Beach Boys is published by Genesis as a mass
  market hardback: previously it was availably exclusively as a deluxe edition costing nearly
  1000. On the 28th Joe Thomas died, aged 68: between 1996 and 2015 he collaborated
  with Brian on several album projects, and he was a leading facilitator of the 2012 Beach
  Boys 50th anniversary reunion.
May   New documentary The Beach Boys begins streaming on Disney+ on the 24th.
  Accompanied by a soundtrack album, the remaining band members reunited for a sequence
  shot at Paradise Cove. At the Hollywood IMAX premiere on the 21st, all five, plus Blondie,
  attend. Mike & Bruce travel to the UK to promote the Genesis book.