The Beach Boys on the US charts
   This section of  Bellagio 10452 has one simple aim - to present the weekly chart positions of The Beach Boys' single and album releases from the intial "Surfin'" 45 to the most recent charting item, the 17th re-entry of Sounds Of Summer marking a 60 year chart career. Brad Elliott did this first in his seminal discography, but of course his figures of neccessity stopped in spring 1981. These listings differ from his in two important features: where he seperated singles and albums, I've combined them as I feel it gives a better feeling of the overall continuity and also of the relationship between lead singles and the subsequent albums, and how those albums spun off further charting singles... or not. Secondly, I've restricted these lists to purely Beach Boys and solo releases (excepting the 1960s Christmas releases - see below) - charting albums and 45s to which one or more band member lent their talents are not included unless that individual or the band are credited on the label, hence the inclusion of the Fat Boys collaboration and the Celebration single.
   The notations are very simple - singles are in normal font, charting B sides are noted with * and albums are in bold italics. Solo releases are suffixed by the artist's initials, (BW), (CW) and so on (except where the artist is self evident, of course).
   Concerning the makeup of the charts themselves, the singles as listed here are the Top 100. The albums chart in the period covered by these lists changed somewhat in the late sixties: up to and including March 25th 1967, the top 150 albums were listed. The April 1st 1967 chart included 165 entries, while from April 8th to May 6th 1967 175 albums were listed. Thereafter, and to date, the chart has been the Top 200 albums. However, neither of the main charts listed 'seasonal' releases in the 60s, preferring to include them in specialised Christmas charts: thus while some discographies list "Little St. Nick" and "The Man With All The Toys" as both charting at #3 (in 1963 and 1964 respectively) and The Beach Boys Christmas Album as peaking at #6 in 1964, this was not in the Hot 100/Top 200 charts. That said, they have been included for reference, the positions being in italics. The country music charts referred to concerning the Stars & Stripes Volume 1 album and attendant singles consisted of 75 positions each. The Adult Contemporary (Easy Listening pre-1979) are usually said to consist of a Top 40, but since the mid-90s, only the top 30 positions appear to have been published on a weekly basis.
  Some Beach Boys albums enjoyed lengthy chart runs, sometimes re-entering the chart several times. However on March 25th 1991, this possibility was temporarily ended with the introduction of the Top Pop Catalog Albums chart. The current criteria for this chart are albums that are more than eighteen months old and have fallen below position 100, but an earlier rule seems to have been that an album spending two years in the Top 200 automatically transferred to the Catalog chart in week 105. However, starting with the December 5th 2009 chart, this ruling was reversed so that, while there is still a Top Pop Catalog chart, all albums are eligible for the Top 200. In addition, there is also now a Top 200 Current Album chart which retains the previous criteria for the Top 200. Which explains how Sounds Of Summer managed to re-enter the Top 200 in June 2010. For those interested in such minutae, the Catalog Chart entires are now listed. However... after 9/21/19, free access to the Catalog chart was discontinued, thus this chart will not be updated unless someone out there can help me out in this respect.
  As ever, all I've really done here is compile pre-existing information, for which I am indebted to Brad Elliott (for 1961 to 1980), the indispensable Google Books and sundry denizens of the Smiley Smile MB. Steve Mayo deserves an extra special mention: he not only supplied me with much missing info despite his house having been completely destroyed by a lightning strike a few weeks previously, but continues to keep me up to date with the charts since they stopped being free to view. Sir, you are a complete star.
   1 - February 17th 1962 to March 18th 1967    2 - April 29th 1967 to November 22nd 1975
   3 - June 5th 1976 to September 28th 1985    4 - June 28th 1986 to September 25th 2010
   5 - January 29th 2011 to date    6 - Adult Contemporary & Country Charts
   7 - Catalog Chart 1997-2007    8 - Catalog Chart 2008-2019
   9 - Chartfax USA
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