[unless noted otherwise, all sessions took place at Brother]
  January 30 - Elton John session: Don't Let The Sun Go Down On Me backing vocals [1]
  February 14 - Montana State University, Bozeman MT*
15 - Utah State University, Logan UT* [w/Jim Stafford]
16 - University of Montana, Missoula, MT* [w/Jim Stafford]
17 - Air Force Academy, Colorado Springs CO*
18 - City Auditorium, Colorado Springs CO* [w/Jim Stafford - 2 shows]
19 - Colorado State University, Fort Collins CO
22 - Dennis Wilson session: 'Dennis' symphony' [2]
  March   2 - session: Brian's Jam (= Shortenin' Bread/Clangin')
  5 - Carl Wilson session: guitar demo
  5 - Dennis Wilson session: String Bass Song [3]
12 - Alan Jardine session: Dr. Tom
15 - Salem Armory Auditorium, Salem OR* [w/Jim Stafford]
16 - Pacific Lutheran University, Tacoma WA [w/Jim Stafford - 2 shows]
17 - Pacific Coliseum, Vancouver BC, Canada* [w/Jim Stafford and Chilliwack]
18 - Memorial Arena, Victoria BC, Canada* [w/Jim Stafford and Chilliwack]
21 -  Dennis Wilson session: My Love Lives On/Long Road
29 - Carl Wilson session: Carl’s Moog & Piano Riff
  April   1 - Carl Wilson session: Carl & Ricky’s Moog Riff
  9 - University of  Mississippi, Oxford MS* [w/Jim Stafford]
10 - Municipal Auditorium, New Orleans LA [w/Jim Stafford and The James Gang]
11 - Municipal Auditorium, Atlanta GA [w/Jim Stafford and The James Gang]
11 - Auburn College Fieldhouse, Auburn AL* [w/Jim Stafford and The James Gang]
12 - Curtis Hixon Convention Hall, Tampa FL* [w/Jim Stafford]
13 - Hollywood Sportatorium, Hollywood FL [w/Jim Stafford and The James Gang]
14 - Orlando Sports Stadium, Orlando FL [w/Jim Stafford and The James Gang]
15 - Edinboro State University, Edinboro PA
16 - University of Scranton, Scranton PA
17 - Civic Arena, Pittsburgh PA* [w/Steely Dan]
18 - University of West Virginia Coliseum, Morgantown WV* [w/Wet Willy]
19 - Marietta College, Marietta OH
19 - Ohio State University, Columbus OH [w/Steely Dan]
20 - Calvin College, Grand Rapids MI
20 - University of Notre Dame, South Bend IN* [w/Stanky Brown]
21 - Youngstown State College, Youngstown OH [w/Henry Gross]
21 - Slippery Rock State College, Slippery Rock PA
29 - Ricky Fataar session: Jam with Ricky and Michael/Share Your Love
29 - session: Good Timin'
  May   9 - Friends of Chile Benefit, Madison Sq Garden NY* [4]
11 - Miami University, Oxford OH
12 - Toledo Sports Arena, Toledo OH*
13 - College of Wooster, Wooster OH* [w/The Apple Butter Band]
14 - Western Illinois University, Macomb IL
15 - Municipal Auditorium, Kansas City MO [w/Henry Gross]
16 - Southern Illinois University, Carbondale IL* [w/Henry Gross]
17 - Louisville Downs, Louisvile KY* [w/Earl Scruggs]
18 - Michigan State University, Lansing MI [w/Henry Gross] [5]
19 - Memorial Stadium, Joilet IL [w/Bachman Turner Overdrive, The New Colony
       Six, Henry Gross, Fresh Start and Fast Eddie]
  8 - Day On the Green, Alameda County Stadium, Oakland CA [w/The Grateful
       Dead, Commander Cody and The New Riders Of The Purple Sage]
10 - session: Ding Dang
13 - Civic Center, Providence RI* [w/Kiki Dee]
14 - Nassau Coliseum, Uniondale NY [w/Kiki Dee] [6]
15 - Yale Bowl, New Haven CT* [w/Kiki Dee]
16 - Performing Arts Center, Saratoga NY* [w/Kiki Dee]
18 - Cape Coliseum, South Yarmouth MA* [w/Kiki Dee]
19 - Cape Coliseum, South Yarmouth MA* [w/Kiki Dee]
20 - Municipal Auditorium, Bangor ME# [w/Henry Gross]
21 - Civic Center, Ottawa ON, Canada*
22 - Broom County Veterans Memorial Stadium, Binghamton NY*
23 - World Series Of Rock, Cleveland Municipal Stadium, Cleveland OH [w/REO
       Speedwagon, Lynryd Skynryd and Joe Walsh & Barnstorm (co-headliners)]
24 - Endless Summer compilation album released (Capitol)
24 - Dennis Wilson session: Holy Man
  July   6 - Memorial Coliseum, Los Angeles CA
       [w/The Allman Brothers and The Marshall Tucker Band -  cancelled]
  9 - Seattle Coliseum, Seattle WA [w/Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young (headliners) and
        Jesse Colin Young for all July shows]
11 - session: Happy Birthday Roger McGuinn
19 - Royals Stadium, Kansas City MO
21 - County Stadium, Milwaukee WI
25 - Mile High Stadium, Denver CO*
27 - Oklahoma Jam, All Sport Stadium, Oklahoma City OK*
       [w/Leon Russell, Elvin Bishop and Trapeze]
28 - Jeppesen Stadium, Houston TX
29 - Surfin' USA/The Warmth Of The Sun single released (Capitol)
31 - Texas Stadium, Dallas TX
  August   3 - Summer Jam West, Ontario Motor Speedway, Ontario CA
       [w/Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young, The Band, Joe Walsh & Barnstorm and
       Jesse Colin Young - cancelled]
11 - Ricky Fataar & Gerry Beckley session: Foolin’
20 - Dennis Wilson session: My Love Lives On
23 - Roosevelt Stadium, Jersey City NJ [w/The Eagles]
24 - Capital Center, Largo MD [w/ The Marshall Tucker Band]
25 - Scope, Norfolk VA* [w/The Eagles and Marshall Tucker Band]
26 - Civic Center, Roanoke VA* [w/ The Marshall Tucker Band]
28 - CNE Grandstand, Toronto ONT, Canada* [w/Bachman Turner Overdrive]
29 - Ohio State Fair, Columbus OH [2 shows]
31 - Pocono International Raceway, Long Pond PA
       [w/The Allman Brothers and Edgar Winter - cancelled]
31 - Pine Knob, Clarkston MI*
  summer ?? - session: Just An Imitation@
?? - session: Why Don't You Try Me ?
  1 - Indiana University, Bloomington IN [w/The Eagles and Kansas]
  2 - Pine Knob, Clarkston MI*
  3 - Pine Knob, Clarkston MI 
  8 - Roosevelt Raceway, Westbury NY [w/Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young (headliners),
       Joni Mitchell and Jesse Colin Young] [7]
19 - Carl Wilson session: Carl’s Demo
  fall ?? - session: Earthquake Time@
  8 - Wishin' You Were Here/Lifesaver Chicago single released (Columbia)
18 - session: Child Of Winter
late - session: It's OK/Honeycomb [8]
?? - Dennis Wilson session: Barnyard Blues [9]
  November   4 - session: Good Timin'/Brian's Tune (= 'dirty' version of Ding Dang) [Caribou]
  5 - session: Battle Hymn Of The Republic/unknown backing track [Caribou]
12 - session: California Feelin'/Lucy Jones [Western]
12 - Convention Center, Niagara Falls NY* [w/The Raspberries] [10]
13 - Shippensburg State College, Shippensburg PA* [w/The Raspberries]
14 - The Spectrum, Philadelphia PA* [w/Billy Cobham]
15 - The Spectrum, Philadelphia PA* [w/Roger McGuinn]
16 - Princeton University, Princeton NJ* [w/Roger McGuinn]
17 - Civic Center, Springfield MA* [w/Roger McGuinn]
18 - War Memorial Auditorium, Syracuse NY* [w/Roger McGuinn]
19 - Millersville University, Millersville PA* [w/The Raspberries]
20 - University of Vermont, Burlington VT*
21 - Madison Square Garden, New York NY [w/Roger McGuinn]
22 - Civic Center, Baltimore MD [11]
23 - Boston Gardens, Boston MA* [w/John Sebastian]
26 - New Year's Rockin' Eve ABCTV show, MGM Studios, Los Angeles CA*
       [w/Chicago] [12]
  5 - Coliseum, Denver CO* [w/Honk]
  6 - University of Utah, Salt Lake City UT* [w/Honk]
  7 - Boise State U, Boise ID*
  9 - Coliseum, Spokane WA
10 - Center Arena, Seattle WA
11 - Pacific Coliseum, Vancouver BC, Canada*
13 - Memorial Coliseum, Portland OR* [w/Honk]
14 - Pacific Coliseum, Vancouver BC, Canada
18 - Selland Arena, Fresno CA* [w/Little Feat]
19 - Civic Center, Bakersfield CA [w/Little Feat]
20 - Civic Center, San Francisco CA
21 - National Exhibition Hall, Sacramento CA* [w/Honk - 2 shows]
22 - Earl Warren Community Center, Santa Barbara CA
23 - Child Of Winter (Christmas Song)/Susie Cincinnati single released (Brother-Reprise)
27 - The LA Forum, Los Angeles CA [w/Honk]
28 - Swing Auditorium, San Bernadino CA* [w/Honk]
29 - Long Beach Arena, Long Beach CA [w/Honk]
30 - Sahara Hotel Space Center, Las Vegas NV [cancelled]
?? - session: Don't Let Me Go@
?? - session: You're Riding High On The Music@
?? - session: Our Life, Our Love, Our Land@
  possibly not recorded: no documentation or tape is known to exist.
  The backing vocalists were Dusty Springfield, Danny Hutton, Gerry Beckley, Cat
  Stevens, Bruce & Brian. This session was unproductive: the bvs on the released
  version are by Daryl Dragon, Toni Tennille, Billy Hinsche, Bruce & Carl, recorded
  before the end of February . The date for this session is accurate to within a day or
  two: Bruce stated in an interview that Elton flew to Japan the next day, and the first
  date of that tour was February 1st.
  Part of this basic track evolved into a section of "10,000 Years", which in turn
  mutated into "Friday Night".
  Widely misspelled as "Spring Bass Song", this was an early take at "Rainbows".
  Mike made a guest appearence and sang California Girls, backed by Charles Lloyd
  & John McLaughlin - reportedly, he was booed by the political crowd who were
  there to see Bob Dylan and others, but an audience recording reveals the exact
  reverse was the case and that he was enthusiastically recieved.
  Roger McGuinn joined the band fro three songs, including his own "Draggin'".
  Elton John & Paul Simon joined the band for the encore. This show was broadcast
  live on FM radio. 
  Ricky Fataar's last show with the band. He's not mentioned in any of the November
  or December live reviews.
  Featuring Roy Wood, Nick Pentelow & Mike Burney of Wizzard on drums and
  saxes respectively.
  Nothing whatsoever to do with the Smile song: this is a Dennis composition.
  This was Dennis' return to drumming.
  Although advertised as being support for this show, Raspberries bass player Scott
  McCarl states they were playing in Wise VA on their own.
  Aired December 31st (of course...): the band performed "Good Vibrations" &
  "Surfer Girl" alone, "Darlin'" with the Chicago horn section and Alan, Carl & Mike
  provided (lip-synced) bvs for Chicago's "Wishing You Were Here". Dennis was
  not present. The seeds of the Beachago tour were sown...