The discography presented here, although fairly basic, is probably the most comprehensive available on the 'net at present. Its aim is to give a reasonable overview of the Beach Boys recorded output from 1961 to date, and to indicate as clearly as possible the various types of release and the differences found between some of them. Single titles in italics indicate a single release different to the album version (i.e. a remix or a rerecording, but not an edit - although in some cases it's hard to tell)); album titles in italics denote a compilation. Single titles underlined indicate a song not originally included on a non-compilation album or CD (for the purposes of this discography, Still Cruisin', although containing previously released tracks twenty years old and more, is not regarded as a compilation). Chart positions prefixed by * indicate a position achieved in a special Christmas chart. Records reaching #1 are presented in bold type. The figure in brackets following some B sides indicates the chart position achieved by that title while [R] denotes a selected (i.e. charting) reissue.  All chart positions are from the Billboard charts. 7" singles originally released in a picture or art sleeve are shown in blue; CD and cassette singles are not thus noted as they invariably have some kind of illustration on the packaging.  All releases are by The Beach Boys except those noted as follows:

[BW] - Brian Wilson     [CW] - Carl Wilson        [DW] - Dennis Wilson  [ML] - Mike Love
[AJ] - Alan Jardine        [BM] - Brian & Mike     [CB] - Celebration        [BJ] - Bruce Johnston

The information in this discography was gathered from a number of sources, but by far the most useful was Brad Elliott's seminal Surf's Up ! - The Beach Boys On Record 1961-81, a tome which demands to be updated. Brad was also most helpful in supplying post-1981 information, as was Barbara Lang of the California Saga website and mailing list, and back issues of Beach Boys Stomp, the long-running UK fanzine. Additions and corrections are not only welcomed but positively encouraged: please send them to the email address below, putting 'discog' in the subject field.

The discography is split into decades for ease of access - just click on the years you want to see.    
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