The Beach Boys were not the only act Brian produced, although they were the only successful one - astonishingly, not a single one of his extramural efforts so much as bubbled under the Hot 100 (although The first Honeys 45 did make #1 - in Sweden). Listed below are all of Brian Wilson's known released non-BB or solo productions (and here seems as good a place as any to note that, despite what many reference books and articles say - even today - The Survivors were not The Beach Boys using an alias: they were Brian, Bob Norburg, Dave Knowlen, Rich Petersen and possibly Mark Groseclose). Where the title is suffixed by an asterisk (*), he is credited as co-producer: a single side in italics denotes that it was produced by someone else. The notes at the bottom give further details. Carl was the only other band member who produced outside of the group environment - his entries here are distinguished by a different background color.
  In February 2003, after the release the preceding June in Japan of a 19 track compilation, a Brian Wilson productions collection was finally released in the UK. Pet Projects - The Brian Wilson Productions (Ace CDHCD 851) contained the 23 single sides highlighted in blue below (the Jan & Dean version of "Vegetables" is incorrectly listed as by the Laughing Gravy).
  9/62   Rachel & The
Dot 45-16392   The Revo-lution/Number One
10/62   Bob & Sheri Safari 101   The Surfer Moon/Humpty Dumpty [1]
  4/63   Honeys Capitol 4952   Shoot The Curl*/Surfin' Down the Sawnnee River* [2]
  9/63   Honeys Capitol 5034   Pray For Surf*/Hide Go Seek* [2]
10/63   Sharon Marie Capitol 5064   Run-Around Lover/Summertime
12/63   Honeys Capitol 5093   The One You Can't Have/From Jimmy With Tears
  1/64   Survivors Capitol 5102   Pamela Jean/After The Game
  3/64   Castells Warner B 5421   I Do/Teardrops
  3/64   Paul Petersen Colpix CP-720   She Rides With Me/Poorest Boy In Town
  4/64   Honeys Warner B 5430   He's A Doll/The Love Of A Boy And A Girl
  6/64   Gary Usher Capitol 5193   Sacramento/Just The Way I Feel [3]
  6/64   Sharon Marie Capitol 5195   Thinkin' 'Bout You Baby/Story Of My Life [4]
  6/65   Glen Campbell Capitol 5441   Guess I'm Dumb/That's All Right
  Bob & Bobby Tower 154   Twelve-O-Four*/Baby What You Want Me To Do* [5]
10/67   Murry Wilson Capitol ST2819   The Many Moods Of Murry Wilson [6]
  9/68   Ron Wilson Columbia 444636   I'll Keep On Loving You*/As Tears Go By* [7]
  3/69   Honeys Capitol 2454   Tonight You Belong To Me/Goodnight, My Love
10/70   Flame Brother 3500   See The Light/Get Your Mind Made Up
  1/71   Flame Brother 3501   Another Day Like Heaven/I'm So Happy
  3/71   Flame Brother BR 2500   The Flame
10/71   Spring UA 50848   Now That Everything's Been Said*/Awake [8]
  Jan & Dean United Artists 50859   Vegetables*/Jenny Lee [9]
  5/72   Spring UA50907   Good Time*/Sweet Mountain* [10]
  7/72   Spring UA5571   Spring [11]
  4/73   American Spring Columbia 445834   Shyin' Away*/Fallin' In Love* [8]
  8/75   California Music RCA-Equinox 10363   Why Do Fools Fall in Love/Don't Worry, Baby
10/75   Ricci Martin Capitol 4164   Stop, Look Around*/I Had A Dream* [12]
  8/77   Ricci Martin Epic PE 3483   Beached* [12]
  9/77   Ricci Martin Epic 850441   Moonbeams*/Precious Love* [12]
  Mike Love Boardwalk NB1-33242   Looking Back With Love [13]
  6/86   Honeys/Spring Ocean 101   It's Like Heaven* [14]
  5/92   Honeys Capitol 7 93193 2   Capitol Collector's Series* [15]
12/93   Three Dog Night MCA MCADD2 10956   Celebrate - The Three Dog Night Story [16]
  Wilsons Mercury 314 536 105-2   The Wilsons* [17]
10/08   Steve Kalinich Light In The Attic 039   A World Of Peace Must Come* [18]
  Various Omnivore Recordings
  Sessions '64 !! [19]
  Glen Campbell/various Surfdog/Big Machine   Glen Campbell Duets - Ghost On The Canvas
  Sessions* [20]
  Safari 101 was a one-shot label, apparently formed just for the purposes of this release: certainly it has
  Murry Wilson's Hawthorne home address on the label. Bob is Bob Norburg, Brian's roommate in the
  Crenshaw Apartments at the time. Sheri was his dance partner, Cheryl Pomeroy.
  Co-produced with Nik Venet.
  Although Brian is credited as co-composer on the A side only, both songs are essentially the same melody.
  The A side was later reworked and released by The Beach Boys as "Darlin'".
  Bob is, again, Bob Norburg, the co-producer. The story goes that Brian had a chance meeting with him and
  took over the project as a sort of favor. Brian's involvement in the B side is documented by an AFM sheet,
  that of the A side being anecdotal: however, there are times when the male voice on both sides sounds
  awfully like him... According to a reliable researcher, Bobby was Jane Canada, who later released a few
  solo singles.
  The track "Italia" - an Alan Jardine composition - is an uncredited Brian production.
  Co-produced with Ron Wilson, who is not the drummer of The Surfaris. It's a pretty safe bet that he's the
  R. Wilson credited as composer of "We're Together Again".
  Co-produced with David Sandler.
  Co-produced with Dean Torrence.
  Co-produced with Stephen Desper (A side) and Desper & Sandler (B side).
  Brian is credited as executive producer for the whole album, and as co-producer with Desper, Sandler or
  Desper & Sandler on 11 of the album's 12 tracks (Sandler producing the other one). The album was
  reissued on CD in 1988 with four bonus tracks; the 1973 single and "Had To Phone Ya" & "It's Like
  Heaven", previously only available on the It's Like Heaven fan release (see below).
  Co-produced with Billy Hinsche.
  Although uncredited, Brian produced the basic track and vocal sessions for "Be My Baby"
  This album was a fan-subscription release originating in Sweden with Marilyn Wilson's complete co-
  operation. Pressed on pink vinyl, it contained ten previously unreleased tracks from the period 1973-78,
  including the original "Had To Phone Ya" (1973, co-produced with Sandler) and the late seventies Brian
  productions "Romeo & Juliet", "It's Like Heaven", "Don't Be Cruel" and "Do Ya". It also remains the only
  release of the Sandler-produced "Snowflakes".
  This CD was the first commercial release of most of the material on the It's Like Heaven album, with the
  exception of "Snowflakes". It also contains all the 1960s Honeys single sides, with one exception all
  remixed into stereo.
  Includes Brian's previously unreleased 1968 production of "Time To Get Alone" for Redwood, as they
  were then called.
  Two tracks, "'Til I Die" & "Everything I Need", co-produced with Joe Thomas.
  Brian produced this album with Steve Kalinich in 1969: the bonus track, "Leaves Of Grass" is not the
  version produced by Carl in 1968.
  A Record Store Day 10" 33 1/3 rpm release limited to 2000 items, the artists were The Honeys, The
  Castells and The Timers. Brian produced all tracks except The Timers. This saw the first official release of
  "I Can See Right Through You (Go Away, Boy)", a 1964 Honeys recording (albeit as an instrumental track
  Brian co-produced "Strong", the track he guested on.