During the summer of 2001, I was surfiing the web and getting more and more perplexed at the almost complete lack of a reasonable Beach Boys discography. To me 'reasonable' means release date, label & catalog number, A & B sides of singles (with indications if they're different to the album versions, or even non-album tracks, and more anorakish/nerdish stuff like that) and highest chart position. Minimum. So (with typical modesty), I figured that if there wasn't one I found acceptable, then dammit, I'd do one myself. Like most apparently good ideas, it took somewhat longer to construct that I expected, but, aided by a sudden bout of unemployment, on Christmas Eve 2001, the first section - the US discography - hit the web. It wasn't, and still isn't, flash (heh), nothing plays, or spins: just information for those who seek same. Over the next year or so the site... well, 'developed' isn't maybe the word, implying some pre-determined gameplan: basically, pages got added as and when the fancy took me, which is why some of the navigation is a bit clumsy. The timeline developed out of an earlier, annoyingly abandoned collaboration, and the overview of the early days of Alan Jardine from a chance contact with someone from his past.
     Long-time BB/BW fans will have experienced the site's growing pains. To new visitors - what we have here is a collection of basic Beach Boys information that I hope you'll find both interesting, easy to assimilate and reasonably well laid out (I know, that's three). The links below are pretty much self-explanatory, except perhaps for 'Mono/stereo' (a brief overview of which early tracks are available in mono or stereo), 'Odds & ends' (a sort of attic for all the stuff that won't fit anywhere else - you'll see what I mean when you take a look), "RIAA awards" (a list of the band's gold and platinum discs in the US and the UK)  and 'In The Beginning...'. The latter is an examination of Alan Jardine's musical career prior to helping form The Beach Boys, and of his first few years in - and out - of the band. You'll learn more about The Islanders than you thought possible. Or sensible. That's all you probably need to know. Enjoy, and keep coming back - I'm always updating the pages (notably the shows and sessions), and occasionally adding new ones: comments, corrections and additions are welcomed, at the email address below.
     There is, of course, no possible way I can pretend that this site is all my own work: those on whose pioneering researches I have leaned heavily, who have provided me with feedback and updates, or are just damn fine friends, are thanked in the appropriate sections, but once again, I would like to thank (in purely alphabetical order) the following fine people:
David Beard, Scott Bennett, Panayiotis Bogdanos, Alan Boyd, Nelson Bragg, the late Chuck Britz, John Brode, Will Crerar, Michael DeMartin, Stephen W. Desper, Lee Dempsey, Steve Eidem, Brad Elliott, Sharon Marie Esparza, Patricia Ferelli, Mike Grant, Anne-Marie Gregory, Probyn Gregory (no relation), the late Coach Bob Hanes, the late Billy Hinsche, Val Johnson-Howe, Jon Hunt, Bruce Johnston, Barbara Lang, Susan Lang (again, no relation), David Leaf, Jacquelyne Love, Melinda Love, Raymond J. McCarthy, Carrie Marks, David Marks, Cameron Mott, Graeme Norris, Peter Reum, the late John Frank Rieley III, Ed Roach, Ian Rusten, Daniel Rutherford, Darian Sahanaja, Peter Scougale, Lou Shenk, Carig Slowinski, Jon Stebbins, Gary Winfrey, Chris Woods, Gary Zenker and several others who prefer to remain unsung. This is as much their site as it is mine.
   A final, and eternally grateful, thank you to David Beard & Lee Dempsey of Endless Summer Quarterly, for  hosting 10452 from 2009-2018 when my original home vanished literally overnight, and to esquarterly.com webmaster Phillip Yow for making it happen.  Were it not for their kindness, it's highly unlikely you'd be reading this now. An extra round of thanks to David for designing the superb masthead for this page.
     Andrew G. Doe, May 2021
This site is dedicated to the loving memory of my parents,
Richard James Doe
Irene Esther May Doe
and to my brother,
Colin Lester Doe (1944-2004).
Also dedicated to Audree, Carl, Dennis & Murry Wilson:
Gary Usher, Roger Christian, Nik Venet, Chuck Britz, Billy Hinsche
and all the others players in the Beach Boys drama who are no longer with us.
A special tip of the hat to Coach Bob Hanes, Les Chan and Derek Bill,
three dedicated fans who left us far too soon .
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