The notations here are the same as the US discography, with the following additions: the chart positions for the EPs - [in square brackets] - are for placings in a special EP chart and not the regular singles rankings, while any differences between a US and UK issues are noted in that section. All releases are by The Beach Boys except those noted as follows:
                             [BW] - Brian Wilson                        [BM]  - Brian & Mike         
                             [CW] - Carl Wilson                         [CB]   - Celebration         
                             [DW] - Dennis Wilson                     [BJ]    - Bruce Johnston
                             [ML]  - Mike Love                                    
   Compiled by Andrew G. Doe, 2000-15: the information in this discography was gathered from a number of sources, but by far the most useful were two articles from Record Collector magazine, and The Complete Book Of The British Charts. The invaluable assistance of Mike Grant of Beach Boys Stomp is also gratefully acknowledged. Of neccessity this is a work in progress: any comments, corrections and/or additions to Thank you.
These pages are dedicated to the fond memory of
Chris White
a fine musician & singer and a dear friend,
but above all a wonderful person and devoted family man.
He will be sorely missed.