January   the band play shows in Arizona, their first gigs outside of California
  February   starting on Valentine's Day, Mark Groseclose stands in for Dennis at four shows after the
  latter has an auto accident.
  March   "Surfin' USA/Shut Down" released; both sides chart at #3 & #23 respectively. Parent
  album Surfin' USA also released and will reach #2. Frances Love files for divorce on
  the 4th. It will become final on May 22nd, 1964. On the 20th, Brian sings bvs on Jan &
  Dean's "Surf City".
  April   Capitol release "Shoot The Curl/Surfin' Down The Swanee River" by The Honeys
  (Ginger Blake and Marilyn & Diane Rovell). The single is produced by Brian & Nik
  Venet. The band embark on a short tour of the midwest (April 24th-May 5th).
  May   At Brian's request, Alan Jardine returns in a semi-permanent capacity, standing in for
  Brian when he misses live shows. The band are thus a six-piece, at least in the studio.
  spring   Carl transfers from Hawthorne High to Hollywood Professional School for his senior
  year, in the company of Marks and the Rovell sisters.
  June   Without Brian, the band play three days of shows in Hawaii, 14th-16th.
  July   "Surfer Girl/Little Deuce Coupe" released; both sides chart at #7 & #15. They tour the
  midwest again, this time more extensively (July 18th-August 29th). Brian goes along, but
  unwillingly. He soon returns home, Alan replacing him.
  August   Jan & Dean hit #1 with "Surf City", a song given to them by Brian . David Marks
  officially leaves the band on the 30th but continues to play contracted shows until
  October. Brian meets Dave Knowlen & Rich Alarian (Petersen).
  September   Surfer Girl album (a #7 hit) is released, the first album to bear the credit "Produced by
  Brian Wilson". The Honey's second 45, "Pray For Surf/Hide Go Seek", is released. On
  the 26th, Brian attends a session for Phil Spector's A Christmas Gift For You album
  and, at Phil's behest, sits in on piano. Whether or not he appears on the released version
  - of "Santa Claus Is Coming To Town" - is unknown (but he receives union scale for the
  October   Little Deuce Coupe album released, peaks at #4. Re-recorded LP track "Be True To Your
  School" is released and will reach #6; B side "In My Room" charts at #23. Brian's
  production of "Run-Around Lover/Summertime" by Sharon Marie (Esparza) is released
  on Capitol.
  November   the band sign a new, long-term contract with Capitol.
  December   "Little Saint Nick/The Lord's Prayer" released, and will hit #3 in special seasonal chart.
  The Honeys release "The One You Can't Have/From Jimmy With Tears". The A side is a
  solo Brian Wilson production.
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