January   the band make their first overseas trip, a three week long visit to Australia & New
  Zealand, January 13th-February 1st. Murry accompanies them and by the end of the tour
  everyone is agreed - he'll have to go. "Pamela Jean/After The Game" by The Survivors is
  released on Capitol. The Survivors are Brian, Mark Groseclose, Bob Norburg, Dave
  Nowlen and Rich Petersen (Alarian). Brian produces the disc and sings lead on the A
  side, which is the original version of "Car Crazy Cutie" from Little Deuce Coupe.
  February   "Fun, Fun, Fun/Why Do Fools Fall In Love ?" 45 is released and will peak at #5 at the
  height of Beatlemania. Alan marries Lynda Sperry on the 4th. Early in the month, Murry
  Wilson is fired as manager. Devastated, he retires to bed for nearly a month.
  March   Shut Down Volume 2 (a #13 hit) album released. The Castells release "I Do/Teardrops" 
  on Warner's: the A side is a Brian-produced rewrite of "County Fair". In the same month,
  Paul Petersen's Colpix 45 "She Rides With Me/Poorest Boy In Town" is released. Brian
  produces and co-writes the A side. The band are filmed playing a short set for inclusion
  in a BB-Beatles-Lesley Gore TV special (14th); the footage was lost for many years
  before being rediscovered in 1999.
  April   On the 3rd, the band are formally incorparated as Beach Boys Entertainment Enterprises
  Inc., with Brian, Carl, Dennis & Mike as directors.The band hire Cummings & Currant
  (Murry's tax accountants) to handle their finances. Warners release the fourth Honeys 45,
  "He's A Doll/The Love Of A Boy And Girl". Brian produces both sides.
  May   "I Get Around/Don't Worry, Baby" single released, the band's first #1 45 (the B side will
  make #24). Mike & Frances divorce on the 22nd
  summer   Murry & Audree move from Hawthorne to Whittier, only to separate shortly after. Murry
  sells A.B.L.E. Machinery.
  June   Brian produces both sides of a Capitol 45 for Gary Usher, "Sacramento/Just The Way I
  Feel". Although both sides are essentially the same song, Brian is given writer credit only
  on the A side. He also produces and co-writes (with Mike) both sides of Sharon Marie's
  second single, "Thinkin' 'Bout You Baby/Story Of My Life"; the A side is an early form
  of  the song that will become "Darlin'".
  July   All Summer Long album released; it will hit at #4. After playing three shows in Hawaii,
  the band embark on the 'Summer Safari' tour, lasting from July 6th-August 8th.
  August   "When I Grow Up (To Be A Man)/She Knows Me Too Well" single is released, and
  will chart at #9. The Beach Boys back up Annette on the theme tune of the Disney
  movie The Monkey's Uncle, released initially on the Annette At Bikini Beach LP.
  Having finished one long tour, the band begin another from August 20th-September 27th.
  September   "4 by The Beach Boys" EP (tracks are Wendy: Don't Back Down/Little Honda:
  Hushabye) released; a relative failure, it will only chart at #44, although the B side will
  also make #65. The Beach Boys make their first appearance on the Ed Sullivan Show
  on the 17th.
  October   Beach Boys Concert live album is released, and proves to be the band's first chart
  topping LP. Earlier in the same month, The Beach Boys' Christmas Album is also
  released and will hit #6 in special Xmas chart. "Dance, Dance, Dance/The Warmth Of
  The Sun" 45 is released; it will hit #8. On the 28th & 29th the band record their segment
  of the "T.A.M.I. (Teen Age Music International) Show" in Santa Monica. Hosted by Jan
  & Dean with Phil Spector as musical director, the show also features the likes of James
  Brown, Lesley Gore, Chuck Berry, Marvin Gaye and The Rolling Stones (after the initial
  run, Brian insists that their performance is cut from the theatrical release).
  November   "The Man With All The Toys/Blue Christmas" is released and will make #3 in seasonal
  chart From the 1st to the 19th, the band make a promotional tour of Europe, playing
  seven gigs. Brian suffers an anxiety attack on the flight to the UK.
  December   Brian marries Marilyn Rovell (born February 6th 1948 in Chicago, IL) on the 7th, in L.A.
  En route to a tour of the Southwest, Brian suffers his first nervous breakdown. He plays
  the Houston show (18th) but then returns to LA the next day. After two shows are
  cancelled, Glen Campbell flies out to replace him for the rest of the tour. Shawn Marie
  Harris is born on the 30th, allegedly the daughter of Mike.
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