January   during the sessions for the band's next album, Brian informs the others that he is retiring
  from touring. Initial touring-only replacement is session guitarist Glen Travis Campbell
  (born April 22nd 1936, Delight, AK). Cousin Steve Korthof is hired as equipment
  manager, Dick Duryea as road manager.
  February   "Do You Wanna Dance/Please Let Me Wonder" 45 is released and will chart at #12 &
  #52. Brian makes his last live appearance for eleven years (a few isolated gigs in late
  1970 excepted) in New York City on the 13th.
  March   The Beach Boys Today !, a #4 hit, is released. Mike is cited in a paternity suit brought by
  Shannon Ann Harris who claims he fathered her daughter Shawn Marie (born the
  previous December). Although denying paternity (the judge declares that "paternity,
  though possible, is not proven"), Mike settles by supplying child support plus the right to
  use his surname when she reaches eighteen.
  April   Bruce Johnston replaces Glen Campbell as both touring and studio member: his first gig
  is in New Orleans on the 9th. "Help Me Rhonda", a re-recorded version of the album
  track, backed with "Kiss Me Baby" is released and will be the band's second #1 single.
  spring   Brian experiences his first LSD trip.
  June   "Guess I'm Dumb/That's All Right" by Glen Campbell is released on Capitol. The A side
  is produced and co-written by Brian.
  July   Summer Days (And Summer Nights !!) album is released and will reach #2; extracted 45
  "California Girls/Let Him Run Wild" will reach #3. Dennis marries Carol Freedman (born
  November 10, 1946, Michigan) in LA on the 26th. He will later adopt her son, Scott.
  October   Mike marries Suzanne Belcher (born 1947 in California) on the 15th in Las Vegas.
  November   Stopgap album Beach Boys' Party (recorded in five days) is released and reaches #6.
  Non-album A side "The Little Girl I Once Knew" (b/w "There's No Other (Like My
  Baby)" from Party) is released but stalls at #20.
  December   apparently without the band's knowledge, "Barbara Ann/Girl Don't Tell Me" 45 is
  released and scores a #2 hit. Brian contacts advertising copywriter Tony Asher (born May
  2nd, 1938, London, England) with a view to his supplying lyrics for the next Beach Boys
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