January   initially rejected by Warners, Holland (accompanied by a 'bonus' EP containing Brian's
  major contribution "Mt. Vernon & Fairway: A Fairytale") is released and will chart at #36
  to general critical approval.  Brian, Sandler and Spring record four songs in a Fort Dodge,
  IA studio. Mike & Tamara's daughter, Summer Deva, is born on the 31st.
  February   "Sail On, Sailor/Only With You" 45 is released and peaks at #79.
  April   two songs from the Iowa sessions, "Shyin' Away/Fallin' In Love" are released on
  Columbia by American Spring (renamed because there is a band in the UK also called
  May   On the 1st, the deadline for the delivery of the Smile tapes, a condition of the Warners'
  contract, passes and the band are penalised $50,000. Remixed final section of the
  "California Saga" suite, subtitled (On My Way to Sunny Californ-i-a") is released, backed
  by "Funky Pretty", and charts at an unexceptional #84.
  June   Murry Wilson dies of a heart attack on the 4th. He was just under a month short of his
  56th birthday. Brian flees to NYC with Diane. Neither Brian nor Dennis attend the
  summer   Brother Studio is opened in Santa Monica.
  fall   The band dismiss Jack Rieley as manager. Mike's brother Steve takes over his personal
  management responsibilities
  November   The Beach Boys In Concert (a double album originally rejected as a single disc) is
  released, and will peak at #25, easily the best performance by a Warner's release thus far.
  December   Blondie Chaplin leaves the band, allegedly following a backstage fist fight with Steve
  Love after the gig at Madison Square Garden on the 19th . His replacement is James
  William Guercio of Chicago, who soon becomes the band's manager.
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