May   Brother Studio officially opens its doors for business.
  summer   Dennis buys a sailing boat, The Harmony.
  June   Capitol release double compilation Endless Summer, covering the years 1962-65, which
  proves the phenomenon of the year. Backed by the Beach Boys' acclaimed live show, it
  becomes their second chart-topping album.
  July   double album pairing of Wild Honey with 20/20 is issued by Warners and charts
  respectably at #50, doubtless hitching a ride on the star of Endless Summer. Not to be
  outdone, Capitol reissues "Surfin' USA" as a 45, backed with "The Warmth Of The Sun"
  and watch it reach #36, easily outclassing any Warners' single to date.
  August   Dennis & Barbara divorce. 
  fall   the band, Brian included,  attempt a new studio album, initially at  Guercio's Caribou
  Ranch at Nederland, CO before moving to Brother Studio. Neither they nor Warners
  are happy with the results and the project is abandoned (a later fire which destroys the
  Colorado studio's control room allegedly also destroys the tapes of these sessions,
  excepting those taken back to Los Angeles for further work: there is reason to doubt
  this is the case). Ricky Fataar leaves the band, joining Joe Walsh's Barnstorm. Dennis
  resumes live drumming.
  October   Friends/Smiley Smile pairing on Warners' is released and charts at 125. Alan, Carl &
  Dennis contribute signature backing vocals to Chicago's top-20 hit "Wishin' You Were
  Here". Dennis meets Karen Lamm (born Barbara Karen Perks, June 21st, 1952,
  Indianapolis, IN), former wife of Chicago's Robert Lamm, for the first time. Hite
  Morgan, first Beach Boys producer, dies in Las Vegas, NV. He was 68.
  December   "Child Of Winter/Susie Cincinnati" single, the first new Beach Boys material for nearly
  two years is released two days before Christmas and, unsurprisingly (especially as the
  pressing is rumored to be just 5000), fails to chart. The A side bears Brian's first
  production credit for some seven years. In their end of the year poll, Rolling Stone
  makes the Beach Boys band of the year, entirely on the strength of their live show.
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