spring   Marilyn & Rocky allegedly begin a relationship.
  March   the band sign with CBS. Mike departs to Leysin, Switzerland to further his study of TM. Steve
  Love's contract to manage the band isn't renewed when it expires on the 31st. Carl brings in a
  friend of his, Henry Lazarus, as manager.
  April   The Beach Boys Love You, the fruits of Brian's renewed post-15 Big Ones interest in
  recording, is released. In essence a solo album (originally the title was Brian Loves You), its
  chart potential is diluted by the news that the band have signed to Jim Guercio's CBS-affiliated
  label Caribou for a potential $8 million, although still owing Warners one final album, and it
  stalls at #53.
  May   Extracted 45 "Honkin' Down The Highway/Solar System" fails to chart.
  summer   Mike and his third wife, Tamara, divorce.
  June   a proposed European tour collapses when Lazarus fails to complete the paperwork, and he
  resigns on the 21st (the only show salvaged is the annual CBS Convention - a closed industry
  event - in London on the 30th). The cost to the band is close to $1 million in unrealised
  revenues and a big setback in terms of lost momentum.
  August   Mike & Alan ask Steve Love to return as manager. Carl & Billy Hinsche co-produce Ricci
  Martin's Epic album Beached.
  September   following a Central Park NYC show on the 1st in front of 150,000 fans, the band effectively
  break up for a short time after a monumental falling out between Dennis & Carl and the
  so-called 'TM Axis' of Mike & Alan (Brian remains aloof). The situation is uneasily resolved
  at a meeting at Brian's house on the 17th by not only family ties but also the thought of losing
  the Caribou contract; in the process, Mike gains control of Brian's corporate vote, ensuring the
  TM bloc can vote down Carl & Dennis on any matter. Steve Love agrees to manage the band
  again. Against this background, Dennis releases the first true solo Beach Boy album, Pacific
  Ocean Blue (on Caribou). It's a huge critical success, and charts respectably at #96. Dennis
  & Karen are divorced on the 19th.
  fall   a Dennis Wilson solo tour is announced, but swiftly cancelled.
  October   Dennis solo 45 "You And I/Friday Night" fails to chart.
  Mike & Alan with Brian decamp to Maharishi International University, Fairfield IA to attempt
  a contract-fulfilling album for Warners. Carl and Dennis make fleeting visits. In a curious move,
  they record both Christmas and non-seasonal tracks in tandem.
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