spring   Guercio is relieved of his managerial duties and is succeeded by Steve Love, who instigates the
  "Brian is Back !" campaign, his first act as personal manager.
  May   "Rock And Roll Music/TM Song", first new Beach Boys single for sixteen months, is released,
  and peaks at #5 in the Bicentennial summer, the band's highest chart position since "Good
  Vibrations". Otto Hinsche, father of Annie & Billy, dies of cancer on the 7th. Dennis marries
  Karen in Kauai, HI on the 21st.
  July   15 Big Ones, the band's first studio album for over three years (and first BB LP to bear
  Brian's production credit in 10 years), is released and peaks at #8. Brian returns to the
  concert stage after a six-year hiatus at Oakland on the 2nd. Bruce marries Harriet Diamond in
  Avalon, Santa Catalina Island, CA on the 29th.
  August   2nd single from the album, "It's OK/Had To Phone Ya", is released and charts at #29. The
  band star in the NBC-TV special "The Beach Boys - It's OK !" (broadcast on the 5th), which
  mixes concert footage with candid material.
  fall   Brian returns to the studio and over the next few months records a series of essentially solo
  tracks to which three titles have become associated: Brian Loves You is released as The
  Beach Boys Love You; Adult/Child (a lame Landy-inspired title) is scheduled for a fall 1977
  release but apparently fell foul of group politics and remains unreleased; and of New Album
  little is known beyond the tracks to be included.
  November   "Susie Cincinnati/Everyone's In Love With You" 45 fails to chart. Capitol releases Beach Boys
  '69 (Live In London), an album previously released in the UK in 1970; it charts at #75. Brian
  makes a solo appearance on 'Saturday Night Live' on the 27th, playing in a sandbox.
  December   Brian makes a further solo appearance, on 'The Mike Douglas Show', on the 8th. Landy is
  fired as Brian's therapist by Steve Love after it is discovered that his fees have doubled  from
  their initial $10,000 monthly. They are also concerned about his methods. Brian's new
  therapist is Steve Schwartz, but he is soon killed in a rock-climbing accident. Stan Love returns
  to supervise Brian, assisted by Brian's cousin Steve Korthof. Later they will be joined by
  Rushton 'Rocky' Pamplin, former college footballer (a 197110th round draft pick out of
  Hawaii by the New Orleans Saints in 1971, but cut in training camp) and male model.
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