January   Dennis is buried at sea on the 4th at 33.53.9N 118.38.8W, a point in Santa Monica Bay
  about 20 miles north of Santa Catalina Island. Usually civilians cannot be buried at sea,
  but the Reagan administration grants an exemption.
  March   Alan marries Mary Ann Helmandoller on the 24th.
  April   "Chasin' The Sky", produced by Spencer Proffer, appears on the Up The Creek
  soundtrack LP on Pasha.
  August   "East Meets West", a collaboration with the Four Seasons produced by Bob Gaudio (and
  backed with an old Seasons track, "Rhapsody"), is released on custom FBI label: all the
  band except Dennis contribute. Limited distribution kills any chart hopes and the single is
  soon withdrawn at the request of the Beach Boys. Brian is arrested on the 19th at the
  Republican National Convention in Dallas for lack of proper accreditation. 
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