March   Brian performs at a benefit for the homeless of LA (10th).
  April   video documentary The Beach Boys - An American Band is released. It contains much
  previously unseen or rare footage of the band and a smattering of previously unreleased
  tracks, most prominent amongst them part of the legendary "Fire" music from Smile.
  May   "Getcha Back/Male Ego", first new Beach Boys 45 for exactly five years is released, and
  peaks at #26. Parent album, The Beach Boys, reaches #52, and is the first new BB
  material to be issued on CD (which includes the non-LP single B side as a bonus track).
  Ringo Starr guests on one track, Stevie Wonder on another. Brian performs at the Malibu
  Emergency Room benefit (12th).
  June   Bruce's third son, Ryan Greer, is born on the 19th.
  July   the Beach Boys performance in Philadelphia for the US end of the transatlantic Live Aid
  event (13th) is well received, and Brian looks sensational.
  August   "It's Gettin' Late/It's OK" is released but climbs no higher than #82.
  December   "She Believes In Love Again/It's Just A Matter Of Time" is the final unsuccessful single
  from the album.
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