April   based on the Steve Gaines book, TV movie "Summer Dreams" airs on US TV on the 29th
  to universal critical disapproval. It has entered Beach Boys lore as 'the movie with the
  bad  beards'.
  May   Capitol begin to issue the Beach Boys 1962-69 catalog in a 'two-albums-on-one-CD'
  format (instantly tagged 2fers), except for Pet Sounds. The pairings are Surfin'
  Safari/Surfin' U.S.A., Surfer Girl/Shut Down Vol. 2, Little Deuce Coupe/All
  Summer Long, Beach Boys Today!/Summer Days (And Summer Nights !!), Smiley
  Smile/Wild Honey, Friends/20/20, Beach Boys' Party/Stack O' Tracks and Beach
  Boys Concert/Live in London. All 2fers include extensive liner notes and bonus tracks of
  B sides, alternate takes and unreleased material. Gary Lee Usher dies of lung cancer on
  the 25th. He was 51 years old. Stanley Love, Mike's brother, files a petition seeking to
  become Brian's conservator (2nd).
  summer   the band tour without Mike, who is fronting the Endless Summer Beach Band in Japan.
  His place is taken by America's Gerry Beckley.
  July   Melcher-produced and written soundtrack item "Problem Child" is unsuccessfully
  November   CBS/Epic begin reissuing the post-1969 catalog on CD (up to and including Keepin' The
  Summer Alive) but make no attempt to emulate the Capitol format - single albums, no
  bonus tracks or liner notes.
  December   On the 1st, Brian plays a 6 song set at  the 'Save The Bay' benefit gig in Santa Monica.