January   Bruce's fourth son, Max Benjamin, is born on the 10th. Brian plays an 11-song set at the
  China Club in LA, backed by the house band, with Don Was guesting (28th)
  February   compilation of the Hite Morgan sessions, Lost And Found (1961-1962) is released on
  DCC label. The rediscovery of the original session tapes enables these formative
  recordings to be heard properly for the first time ever, and the set includes alternate takes,
  studio chatter and previously unreleased demos. No chart action results.
  May   Brian contributes "Country Feelin's" to Disney charity album For Our Children. Carl,
  Audree, Wendy & Carnie Wilson instigate a lawsuit on the 7th to have Brian removed
  from Landy's care and to have a conservator appointed.
  July   Roger Christian, Brian's lyricist during the early sixties, dies on the 11th of
  complications arising from liver and kidney problems. He was 67.
  August   the 7th is declared Al Jardine Day in his hometown of Lima OH, and Al is presented with
  the key to the city.
  September   The Beach Boys' Christmas Album is reissued on CD, plus bonus tracks, minus liner
  notes. Brian's 'autobiography', Wouldn't It Be Nice - My Own Story, is published.
  'Written' in collaboration with Todd Gold, it rapidly becomes obvious that a large
  percentage of the text originates in earlier books, most notably the Leaf and Gaines
  volumes. That the new sections praise Landy at the expense of the band are seen as some
  indication as to the origin of this material (Brian will later admit in court that he had
  almost nothing to do with writing the book other than being interviewed by Gold , and
  that at least half of it was written by Landy).
  October   The Beach Boys (minus Brian) contribute a cover of "Crocodile Rock" to Two Rooms -
  Celebrating The Songs Of Elton John & Bernie Taupin. Brian embarks on a marathon
  book-signing & promotional tour on the 21st; it runs until November 15th.
  November   The Beach Boys play in Japan.
  December   the conservatorship case is settled out of court on the 13th, following a meeting between
  Brian & Carl, and Brian's multi-faceted relationship with Landy is dissolved with effect
  from January 1st 1992 for a reported three years. Brian is said to be happy with the
  decision, although it is rapidly noted, with some dismay, that Kevin Leslie continues to
  be one of  Brian's inner circle (he leaves Brian's employ in late 1992).