January   Nik Venet dies of Burkitt's Lymphoma on the 2nd. Mike, Bruce & David Marks appear
  during the Superbowl festivities as "A Tribute To The Beach Boys Featuring Mike Love,
  Bruce Johnston, David Marks, Glen Campbell, Dean Torrance, and John Stamos"': the
  first Alan knows of this is when he sees it on the TV.
  February   Carl Dean Wilson dies on the 6th of complications arising from lung and brain cancer,
  just over a month past his 51st birthday. In the wake of his passing, the band splinter:
  Mike feels that they should carry on while Alan is of the opinion that without Carl's
  voice, a vital element is missing. The resolution is that Mike, Bruce & Marks continue
  touring, initially as the California Beach Band before reverting (after negotiation with the
  other BRI directors) to The Beach Boys after bookings are hard to come by, while Alan
  forms Beach Boys: Family & Friends, comprising sons Matt & Adam, Carnie & Wendy
  Wilson, Billy Hinsche, Ed Carter, Darryl Dragon and initially Owen Elliott (daughter of
  Mama Cass). However, there are a few contracted shows still to be performed as The
  Beach Boys featuring the Love/Jardine/Johnston line-up. Available only from Union 76
  truck stops, Mike Love, Bruce Johnston & David Marks Of The Beach Boys
  Salute NASCAR includes, alongside remakes of classic BB car songs, a cover of 
  "Little GTO" otherwise unavalable.
  May   To promote his forthcoming album, Brian performs a live concert on the 9th in St.
  Charles, IL. Guesting are Bruce Johnston, Christopher Cross & Tim Schmidt. The show
  is filmed (and overdubbed) for later video release. Also on the 9th, Alan plays his last
  show with The Beach  Boys for 14 years.
  June   Brian Wilson solo single "Your Imagination/Happy Days" is released on the Giant label,
  and fails to chart. At a meeting of the four directors (Mike, Brian, Alan & the estate of
  Carl) of  Brother Records on the 14th, Carl's estate suggests the issuing of non-
  exclusive licenses to each shareholder on the same terms as that currently being
  negotiated by Mike. There is apparently a concensus.
  July   parent album Imagination is released. Produced by Brian and Joe Thomas, it peaks at
  #88. Brian performs at Farm Aid XIV.
  August   Endless Harmony, soundtrack of two-part TV biography of the band composed almost
  exclusively of rarities and unreleased material, is released. The TV show airs on the 23rd
  & 24th. MOM 3 - Music For Our Mother Ocean includes "Little Deuce Coupe" as
  performed by Brians Wilson & Setzer.
  September   Ultimate Christmas, a reissue of the 1964 seasonal set expanded to include the better
  tracks from the unreleased 1997 Christmas album is released. Tribute CD Tammy
  Wynette Remembered features Brian & Tammy duetting on "In My Room" (a different
  mix to that heard on the documentary of the making of Stars & Stripes Volume 1).
  October   The inaugural Carl Wilson Walk Against Cancer and Benefit Concert takes place on the
  18th in Los Angeles. Beach Boys Family & Friends headline the event on their first live
  outing. On the 1st, Mike conculdes an agreement with BRI that differs from the others in
  that it contains clauses to protect the value of the 'trademark', the style, and containing a
  list of 'approved' manager and booking agencies. On the 25th, Alan's attorney informs
  BRI that as Alan is touring as Beach Boys Family & Friends, a license from BRI is
  "unnessecary". Three days later BRI tell him he is wrong, to which he replies he'll tour as
  BBF&F anyway.
  November   At a meeting on the 24th, BRI reject a proposal from Alan for a license in which the
  royalty paid to BRI differs greatly from that set down in the 'Love license'. In
  subsequent months, Alan attempts to renegotiate, and claims that he has a license.