April   it is announced that Carl has been diagnosed as having lung cancer with secondary
  tumors in his brain. He begins undergoing chemotherapy.
  May   Brian & Melinda buy a house in St. Charles IL, next door to new collaborator Joe
  Thomas. Although a studio is swiftly installed in the basement, it's not seen as a
  permanent home.
  August   Carl plays his last show with the Beach Boys, on the 29th at Atlantic City,  NJ.
  Fundraising CD MOM II - Music For Our Mother Ocean includes a 1993 live
  recording of "Summer In Paradise" from London.
  September   Derek Taylor, Beach Boys publicist during the Smile era, dies of cancer on the 8th.
  He was 63.  The Wilsons is released: Brian joins his daughters on four tracks, one
  of which is "Everything I Need", a new collaboration with Tony Asher.
  October   to replace an ailing Carl, Mike asks David Marks to return to the band. His first show is
  in Las Vegas on the 9th. Christmas Spirit, a various artists album of limited distribution,
  includes Brian's "Joy To The World", co-produced with his new collaborator, Joe
  Thomas. Songs Without Words includes Brian's piano rendition of "This Isn't Love",
  another new Wilson/Asher composition.
  November   delayed for a over a year, the 4CD The Pet Sounds Sessions box is released,
  comprising the original mono version, track and vocal sessions, alternate takes and a
  first-ever true stereo mix.Tommy Tedesco, veteran session guitarist, dies of liver &
  lung cancer on the 10th.
  December   Audree Wilson dies on the 1st of kidney failure and heart problems. She was 79.