January   BRI win a temporary injunction preventing Alan from using the name 'Beach Boys': he
  renames his group Alan Jardine's Family & Friends Beach Band, and files a counter suit
  against BRI (thus - technically - suing himself !).
  February   Best Of The Brother Years - The Greatest Hits Volume 3 is released. Although including
  some previously unavailable single versions, it fails to chart (The UK version, released
  later in the year, has a slightly different track listing, reflecting the British hits of the
  period). A two part miniseries, 'The Beach Boys - An American Family' is aired in the
  US on the 27th & 28th. Although using the original studio recordings and evoking a
  wonderful period atmosphere, it is widely criticised for its inaccuracies and distortions
  of history and is perceived as being largely the work of Mike Love playing up his part.
  March   A preliminary injunction is granted against Alan, preventing him from using the name
  'The Beach Boys' in any way.
  April   Pet Sounds is finally ratified as a gold record. Brian plays a two-night residency at LA's
  legendary Roxy Theatre (7th & 8th). Both nights are recorded for later release.
  spring   Brian goes out on tour again. This time the centerpiece of the set is a compete
  performance of the Pet Sounds album. Although critically well recieved, the tour rarely
  plays to full houses and runs up losses of hundreds of thousands of dollars.
  summer   Capitol reissues the band's albums from 1970-1985 in 2fer format, remastered but this
  time without bonus tracks. The pairings are Sunflower/Surf's Up, Carl & The
  Passions/Holland (a 2CD set to allow the inclusion of the Fairytale), In Concert, 15
  Big Ones/The Beach Boys Love You, M.I.U. Album/L.A. (Light Album) and
  Keepin' The Summer Alive/The Beach Boys. Each CD boasts liner notes by either
  celebrity BB fans (e.g. Peter Buck of R.E.M., Sir Elton John) or noted BB journalists
  such as Timothy White &  Paul Williams.
  June   The Beckley/Lamm/Wilson CD Like A Brother is released on the Transparent label.
  Brian is inducted into the Songwriters Hall Of Fame on the 15th in New York. Carnie
  Wilson marries Rob Bonfiglio on the 23rd.
  July   initially available only via Brian's website, double CD Brian Wilson Live At The Roxy
  Theatre is 'released' on the BriMel label.
  August   Charles Dean 'Chuck' Britz, the engineer for all of Brian's classics cut at Western
  Studio 1963-67, dies from brain cancer on August 21st. He was 72.
  October   The 3rd annual Carl Wilson Walk Against Cancer takes place on the 8th.
  November   Brian and the touring band play a short residency at BB King's House Of Blues in New
  York City, parts of which are recorded for possible future release.
  December   via his website, Brian 'releases' a seasonal song, "On Christmas Day" (which sounds
  remarkably like "Belles Of Paris" from 1978's M.I.U. Album).