February   The Beach Boys receive a Lifetime Achievement Award at the Grammy ceremony in Los
  Angeles (21st): all surviving members attend (but don't sit together).
  March   a star-studded Brian Wilson tribute concert is held at Radio City Music Hall in New York
  City on the 29th. Hosted by Chazz Palminteri, performers include Billy Joel, Paul Simon,
  Sir Elton John, David Crosby, Joni Mitchell and Jimmy Webb. The show is recorded for
  later broadcast on TNT (July 4th) and is also released (in an expanded format) on video
  & DVD. On the 19th, Alan attempts to amend his appeal to make it more wide-ranging,
  but is denied.
  May   the 22nd sees the release of Hawthorne CA, a 2CD 57-track compilation of sessions,
  demos, first-time stereo mixes, alternate versions and unreleased material, largely drawn
  from the years 1961-69. A single CD of the same name was originally intended as a
  merchandising tie-in with the 2000 TV "American Family" miniseries, and forms the
  basis for this release. Springsteen tribute CD Made In the USA includes Mike's version
  of "Hungry Heart".
  June   Brian embarks on an extensive tour, opening for Paul Simon (9th). The tour runs through
  to the end of July. Brian Wilson Live At The Roxy Theatre is commercially released
  on the Oglio label on the 19th, with three bonus tracks (two songs - "Sloop John B" &
  "Barbara Ann" - and an interview). The Honeys Collection, available initially only by
  mail order, is released; while not including all of their released sixties sides, it does offer
  for the first time on CD some Brian Wilson productions (with the Honeys on backing
  vocals) and other Honeys rarities. On the 4th, the trademark injunction becomes
  permanent. Alan appeals once more.
  July   Karen Lamm Wilson dies of congestive heart failure on the 10th (or the 12th according
  to some reports). She was 49.
  August   via his website, Alan Jardine 'releases' Live In Las Vegas, recorded 11/28/99 at the MGM
  Grand; it includes a studio bonus track, "California Energy Blues".
  October   having cancelled his scheduled September tour of Japan in the wake of the events of
  September 11th, Brian Wilson announces that he will be touring Europe in January 2002
  before moving on to Japan the following month. The 4th annual Carl Wilson Walk
  Against Cancer takes place at Santa Monica on the 14th.
  December   On an Internet message board, Bruce Johnston hints that there may be some new
  recordings for the 40th anniversary year. Through his website, Brian gives his fans a
  short acapella version of  "Silent Night".