January Brian resumes touring in the 17th, playing Greatest Hits shows
  February Mike & Bruce are set to play a private show on the 5th for Safari Club International, a trophy
hunting organisation dedicated to promoting hunting "rights" and infamous for the killing of
endangered species. Once the news breaks a few days before the show, the condemnation in
both the fan world and the media in general is (rightly) swift and unanimous. A petition on
change.org calling for a boycott of the band's concerts and music collects more than 123,000
signatures in just over a week. Brian, Alan & David join in the general condemnation.
Neverless, the show goes ahead.
  March In mid month, as a consequence of the developing coronavirus pandemic, all Beach Boys
north-east shows through April 11th are postponed.
  April Brian's two May shows in Japan are postponed as is his June Glasgow concert.
  May Brian plays a European tour (largely in the UK) commencing on the 29th in Denmark.
  June Mike & Bruce play a short tour of Europe, playing three dates in Scandinavia and one in
London. Brian wraps his 18-date European tour in Germany on the 27th.