January Brian resumes touring in the 17th, playing Greatest Hits shows
  February Mike & Bruce are set to play a private show on the 5th for Safari Club International, a trophy
hunting organisation dedicated to promoting hunting "rights" and infamous for the killing of
endangered species. Once the news breaks a few days before the show, the condemnation in
both the fan world and the media in general is (rightly) swift and unanimous. A petition on
change.org calling for a boycott of the band's concerts and music collects more than 123,000
signatures in just over a week. Brian, Alan & David join in the general condemnation.
Neverless, the show goes ahead.
  March In mid month, as a consequence of the developing coronavirus pandemic, all Beach Boys
shows from March 25th through July 13th (and many thereafter into September) are
  April Brian's two May shows in Japan are postponed as is his June Glasgow concert. At the very
end of the month, the European tour as a whole is postponed to 2021.
  May Mike releases a download single, "This Too Shall Pass": all royalties go to Feeding America’s
COVID-19 Response Fund.