Part 5 - Solo albums
  Unless stated otherwise, the lead vocals are assumed to be by the album artist. Due to expanded reissues, some of these entries are somewhat unwieldy. Sorry.
Pacific Ocean Blue
Caribou PZ 34354
Originally released September 1977 (by Dennis Wilson) - #96
1st CD reissue - March 1991 (Caribou ZK 074643435420)
2nd CD reissue - June 2008 (Sony/Legacy 88697079162) (expanded reissue including Bambu material)
Original album produced by Dennis Wilson & Gregg Jakobson
POB bonus tracks and Bambu tracks produced by Dennis Wilson, John Hanlon & Gregg Jakobson except *, produced by Dennis Wilson & Carli Munoz
Recording dates shown track by track.
Side 1:
River Song (D. Wilson/C. Wilson): rec. 3/76 & 7/76
What's Wrong (D. Wilson/Jakobson/Horn): rec. 4/77
Moonshine (D. Wilson/Jakobson): rec. spring 1977
Friday Night (D. Wilson/Jakobson): rec. 4/76 & 5/76
Dreamer (D. Wilson/Jakobson): rec. 9/76, 3/77 & 6/77
Thoughts Of You (D. Wilson/Dutch): rec. 7/76
Side 2:
Time (D. Wilson/Lamm-Wilson): rec. 3/77
You And I (D. Wilson/Lamm-Wilson/Jakobson): rec. 8/76
Pacific Ocean Blues (D. Wilson/Love): rec. 2/75, 3/76 & 2/77
Farewell My Friend (D. Wilson): 4/76 & 5/76
Rainbows (D. Wilson/C. Wilson/Kalinich): rec. 3/75, 10/75, 3/76 & 7/76
End Of The Show (D. Wilson/Jakobson): rec. 3/77 & 4/77
Tug Of Love (D. Wilson/Jakobson): rec. 3/77
Only With You  (D. Wilson/Love): rec. 9/76 & 9/77
Holy Man (D. Wilson/Jakobson) - instrumental: rec. 7/75 & 2/75
Mexico (D. Wilson) - instrumental: rec. 10/77 & 5/78
2nd CD reissue disc 2 (Bambu):
Under The Moonlight* (Munoz): rec. 4/78, 5/78 & 6/78
It's Not Too Late* (Munoz) - Dennis, Carl: rec. 5/78 & 7/78
School Girl (D. Wilson/Jakobson): rec. 8/76
Love Remember Me (D. Wilson/Jakobson/Kalinich): rec. 3/77
Love Surrounds Me (D. Wilson/Cushing Murray): rec. 1/78
Wild Situation (D. Wilson/Jakobson): rec. 10/77 & 2/78
Common (D. Wilson): rec. 4/78
Are You Real (D. Wilson/Jakobson): no known recording dates
He's A Bum (D. Wilson/Jakobson): rec 8/77 & 4/78
Cocktails (D. Wilson/Jakobson/Hanlon): rec. 1977
I Love You (D. Wilson/Jakobson): rec. 10/78 & 11/78
Constant Companion* (Munoz/Baker): rec. 6/78 & 7/78
Time For Bed (D. Wilson/Jakobson): rec. 10/77
Album Tag Song (D. Wilson): no known recording dates
All Alone* (Munoz): rec. 6/78 & 6/79
Piano variations on Thoughts Of You (D. Wilson): rec. 7/76
Holy Man (D. Wilson/Jakobson/Kalinich/Hawkins) - Taylor Hawkins: vocal recorded 1/2008
Almost Summer (soundtrack)
MCA 3037
Originally released May 1978 (by Celebration)
Produced by Ron Altbach
Recorded fall 1977 except * Novemeber 1977
Side 1:
Almost Summer* (B. Wilson/Love/Jardine) - Mike
Sad, Sad Summer* (Love) - Mike
Cruisin'* (Love) - Mike
Lookin Good (Altbach) - instrumental
Summer In the City (Sebastian/Boone/Sebastian) - Dave Robinson
It's O.K. (B. Wilson/Love) - Dave Robinson
Side 2:
Football (Lloyd/Altbach) - instrumental
Island Girl (Lloyd) - instrumental
Christine And Bobby (Altbach) - instrumental
We Are The Future (Laws/Bolton/Holiday/Womack) - performed by High Inergy
She Was A Lady (Pratt) - performed by Fresh
Note: the actual movie versions of "Almost Summer" & "Sad, Sad Summer" are notably different from these released tracks. The former has different lyrics relating to the movie, whilst the latter is a much sparser mix. In the movie, "Cruisin'" is the same recording, but edited up to a length of several minutes.
Pacific Arts 122
Originally released February 1979
Produced by Ron Altbach
Recorded spring/summer 1978
Side 1:
Gettin' Hungry (B. Wilson/Love) - Mike
Sailor (Robimson/Altbach) - Dave Robinson
Lovestruck (Tuleja/Altbach) - Dave Robinson
She's Just Out To Get You (Love) - Mike
I Don't Wanna Know (Love) - Dave Robinson
Side 2:
Starbaby (Love) - Paul Fauerso
Go And Get That Girl (Tuleja/Altbach) - Dave Robinson
How's About A Little Bit ? (B. Wilson/Rovell/Love/Altbach) - Mike
Song Of The Creation (Altbach/Robimson) - Dave Robinson
Country Pie (Tuleja/Altbach) - Mike
Carl Wilson
Caribou NJZ 37010 - #185
Originally released March 1981
CD reissue - 1991 (Sony SRCS 6102 - Japan only)
Produced by James William Guercio
Recorded September-December 1980
Side 1:
Hold Me (C. Wilson/Smith)
Bright Lights (C. Wilson/Smith)
What You Gonna Do About Me ? (C. Wilson/Smith)
The Right Lane (C. Wilson/Smith)
Side 2:
Hurry Love (C. Wilson/Smith)
Heaven (C. Wilson/Smith/Sun)
The Grammy (C. Wilson/Smith)
Seems So Long Ago (C. Wilson/Smith)
Looking Back With Love
Boardwalk NB1 33242
Originally released October 1981 (by Mike Love)
Produced By Curt Becher, except * Jim Studer with Curt Becher, +Brian Wilson (basic track/bvs)
Recorded June-September 1981 except + July 1980 (basic track/bvs)
Side 1:
Looking Back With Love* (Studer/Thomas/Parker)
On And On And On (Anderson/Ulvaeus)
Running Around The World (Haymes/Aaronson)
Over And Over (Byrd)
Rockin' the Man In The Boat(Studer/Arnold/Brady)
Side 2:
Calendar Girl (Sedaka/Greenfield)
Be My Baby+ (Greenwich/Barry/Spector)
One Good Reason (Studer/Brady)
Teach Me Tonight (Cahn/dePaul)
Paradise Found (Love/Studer) - Mike, Joannie Summers
Caribou FZ 37970       
Originally released February 1983 (by Carl Wilson)
CD reissue - 1991 (Sony SRCS 6103 - Japan only)
Produced by Jeff Baxter
Recorded January-February 1982 except * January 1982, ** February 1982, # February-March 1982, +July 1982
Side 1:
What More Can I Say  ?* (C. Wilson/Smith-Schilling)
She's Mine (C. Wilson/Smith-Schilling)
Givin' You Up  (C. Wilson/Smith-Schilling/Schilling)
One More Night Alone# (Hinsche)
Rockin' All Over The World** (Fogerty)
Side 2:
What You Do To Me+ (Hall/Hall)
Young Blood# (Leiber/Stoller/Pomus)
Of The Times (C. Wilson/Smith-Schilling)
Too Early To Tell** (C. Wilson/Smith-Schilling) - Carl, Myrna Smith-Schilling
If I Could Talk To Love** (C. Wilson/Smith-Schilling)
Time* (C. Wilson/Smith-Schilling)
Brian Wilson
Sire/Reprise 25669 (LP)/ 9 25669 2 (CD)
Originally released July 1988 - #54
CD reissue - September 2000 (Rhino/Warner  R2 79960) (expanded reissue)
Produced by Brian Wilson & Russ Titelman except, * Brian Wilson, # Brian Wilson & Jeff Lynne, + Brian Wilson & Andy Paley, $ Brian Wilson, Lenny Waronker & Andy Paley, @ Brian Wilson & Lindsay Buckingham, † Brian Wilson & Gary Usher
Recorded April 1987- May 1988 except where otherwise stated
Love And Mercy (B. Wilson/Landy)
Walkin' The Line* (B. Wilson/Landy/Morgan/Laird-Clowes)
Melt Away (B. Wilson/Landy)
Baby Let Your Hair Grow Long (B. Wilson)
Little Children (B. Wilson)
One For The Boys* (B. Wilson)
There's So Many (B. Wilson/Landy/Morgan)
Night Time (B. Wilson/Landy/Morgan/Paley)
Let It Shine# (B. Wilson/Lynne)
Meet Me In My Dreams Tonight+ (B. Wilson/Paley/Dean)
Rio Grande$ (B. Wilson/Paley)
Brian on Love And Mercy - spoken
He Couldn't Get His Poor Old Body To Move@ (B. Wilson/Buckingham)
Being With The One You Love (B. Wilson)
Let's Go To Heaven In My Car† (B. Wilson/Usher): rec. 10/86, 2/87 & 3/87
Too Much Sugar (B. Wilson)
There's So many (demo) (B. Wilson)
Walkin' The Line (demo)† (B. Wilson): rec: 8/86
Melt Away (early alternate version) (B. Wilson)
Night Time (B. Wilson/Paley) - instrumental
Little Children (demo) (B. Wilson): rec. 7/86
Night Blooming Jasmine (B. Wilson): rec. 1982
Rio Grande (compiled rough mixes) (B. Wilson/Paley)
Brian on Rio Grande - spoken
Brian on the Source - spoken
I Just Wasn't Made For These Times
MCA SD 11270
Originally released August 1995 (by Brian Wilson)
Produced by Don Was & Brian Wilson except, * Brian Wilson
Recorded April 1993 except, * fall 1976
Meant For You (B. Wilson/Love)
This Whole World (B. Wilson)
Caroline, No (B. Wilson/Asher)
Let The Wind Blow (B. Wilson/Love)
Love And Mercy (B. Wilson/Landy)
Do It Again (B. Wilson/Love)
The Warmth Of The Sun (B. Wilson/Love)
Wonderful (B. Wilson/Parks)
Still I Dream Of It* (B. Wilson)
Melt Away (B. Wilson/Landy)
'Til I Die (B. Wilson)
Orange Crate Art
Warner Brothers 9 45427 2
Originally released November 1995  (by Brian Wilson and Van Dyke Parks)
Produced by Van Dyke Parks
Recorded 1992-1995
Orange Crate Art (Parks)
Sail Away (Parks)
My Hobo Heart (Parks/Hazlewood)
Wings Of A Dove (Parks)
Palm Tree And Moon (Parks)
Summer In Monterey (Parks/Hazlewood)
San Francisco (Parks)
Hold Back Time (Parks) - Brian & Danny Hutton
My Jeanine (Parks)
Movies Is Magic (Parks)
This Town Goes Down At Sunset (Hazlewood)
Lullaby (Gershwin) - instrumental
Giant 9 24703 2
Originally released June 1998 (by Brian Wilson) - #88
Produced by Brian Wilson & Joe Thomas
Recorded 1997-98
Your Imagination (B. Wilson/Thomas/Dahl)
She Says That She Needs me (B. Wilson/Tutleman/Bayer Sager)
South American (B. Wilson/Thomas/Buffett)
Where Has Love Been (B. Wilson/Paley/Souther)
Keep An Eye On Summer (B. Wilson/Norburg)
Dream Angel
(B. Wilson/Thomas/Peterik)
Cry (B. Wilson)
Lay Down Burden (B. Wilson/Thomas)
Let Him Run Wild (B. Wilson/Love)
Sunshine (B. Wilson/Thomas)
Happy Days (B. Wilson)
Like A Brother
Transparent 500022
Originally released June 2000 (by Beckley Lamm Wilson)
Produced by Phil Galdston with Beckley-Lamm-Wilson, except *, with Steve Levine
Recorded 1993-1997
Today (Waite/Galdston) - Carl
Feel the Spirit (Lamm/Wolf/Galdston) - Robert Lamm
I Wish For You (C. Wilson/Galdston/White Johnston) - Carl
Run Don't Walk (C. Wilson/Galdston) - Carl
Watching The Time* (Beckley) - Gerry Beckley
Life In Motion (Lamm/McMahon) - Robert Lamm
Sheltering Sky (Beckley) - Gerry Beckley, Robert Lamm, Carl
They're Only Words (C. Wilson/Galdston) - Carl
Without Her (Nilsson) - Gerry Beckley
Like A Brother (C. Wilson/Galdston) - Carl
Live At The Roxy Theatre
BriMel 1001
Originally released July 2000 (by Brian Wilson - internet only)
1st reissue - June 2001 (Oglio Records OGL 82012) (* bonus tracks)
2nd reissue - January 2002 (Sanctuary Records SANDD 107 - Europe only) (+ additional bonus tracks)
3nd reissue - May 2002 (Victor VICP 617889 - Japan only) (# further bonus track)
Produced by Brian Wilson
Recorded April 7th-9th 2000
Disc 1:
Little Girl intro (B. Wilson) - studio chatter
The Little Girl I Once Knew (B. Wilson) - group, Jeffrey Foskett
This Whole World (B. Wilson)
Don't Worry, Baby (B. Wilson/Christian)
Kiss Me, Baby (B. Wilson/Love) - Brian, Jeffrey Foskett
Do It Again (B. Wilson/Love)
Calfornia Girls (B. Wilson/Love)
I Get Around (B. Wilson/Love)
Back Home (B. Wilson/Norburg)
In My Room (B. Wilson/Usher) - Brian, group
Surfer Girl (B. Wilson) - group, Brian
The First Time (B. Wilson)
This Isn't Love (B. Wilson/Asher)
Add Some Music To Your Day (B. Wilson/Love/Knott)
Please Let Me Wonder (B. Wilson/Love)
Disc 2:
band intro
Brian Wilson (Page)
'Til I Die (B. Wilson) - group, Brian
Darlin' (B. Wilson/Love)
Let's Go Away For A While (B. Wilson) - instrumental
Pet Sounds (B. Wilson) - instrumental
God Only Knows (B. Wilson/Asher)
Lay Down Burden (B. Wilson/Thomas)
Be My Baby (Greenwich/Spector/Barry)
Good Vibrations (B. Wilson/Love)
Caroline, No (B. Wilson/Asher)
All Summer Long (B. Wilson/Love) - group, Brian
Love And Mercy (B. Wilson)
Sloop John B* (trad., arr. B. Wilson)
Barbara Ann* (Fassert)
Help Me, Rhonda+ (B. Wilson/Love)
Wouldn't It Be Nice+ (B. Wilson/Asher/Love)
Fun, Fun, Fun# (B. Wilson/Love)
Family & Friends Live In Las Vegas
Jardine Tours HV 100
Originally released September 2001 (by Alan Jardine's Family & Friends - internet only)
Produced by Alan Jardine
Recorded November-December 1999 except * 1996
Dance, Dance, Dance (B. Wilson/C.Wilson/Love) - Matt Jardine
Do You Wanna Dance (Freeman) - Alan
Catch A Wave (B. Wilson/Love) - Matt Jardine
Hawaii (B. Wilson/Love) - Matt Jardine, Alan
Do It Again (B. Wilson/Love) - Matt Jardine, Alan
Darlin' (B. Wilson/Love) -Carnie Wilson
Wild Honey (B. Wilson/Love) - Matt Jardine
Come Go With Me (Quick) - Alan
Surfer Girl (B. Wilson) - group, Alan
Don't Worry, Baby (B. Wilson/Christian) - Wendy Wilson
Shut Down (B. Wilson/Christian) - Alan
Little Deuce Coupe (B. Wilson/Christian) - Alan
I Get Around (B. Wilson/Love) - Matt Jardine
In My Room (B. Wilson/Usher) - group, Matt Jardine
Girl Don't Tell Me (B. Wilson) - Adam Jardine
Break Away (B. Wilson/Dunbar) - Carnie Wilson, Alan
Sail On, Sailor (B. Wilson/Parks/Almer/Kennedy/Reiley) - Bobby Figueroa, Billy Hinsche
God Only Knows (B. Wilson/Asher) - Carnie & Wendy Wilson, Alan
Sloop John B (trad., arr. B. Wilson) - Alan
Wouldn't It Be Nice (B. Wilson/AsherLove) - Matt Jardine, Alan
Good Vibrations (B. Wilson/Love) - Matt Jardine
Heroes And Villains (B. Wilson/Parks) - Alan
Help Me, Rhonda (B. Wilson/Love) - Alan
Surfin' USA (Berry/B. Wilson/Bowlles) - Matt Jardine
Barbara Ann (Fassert) - group
Fun, Fun, Fun (B. Wilson/Love) - Matt Jardine
California Energy Blues (Jardine)*
Brian Wilson presents Pet Sounds Live
Sanctuary CMC 84556
Originally released June 2002
Reissued - August 2002 (Toshiba-EMI TOCP 66088 - Japan only) (* bonus tracks)
Produced by Brian Wilson
Recorded January 27th-30th 2002
Wouldn't It Be Nice (B. Wilson/Asher/Love)
You Still Believe In Me (B. Wilson/Asher/)
That's Not Me (B. Wilson/Asher)
Don't Talk (Put Your Head On My Shoulder) (B. Wilson/Asher)
I'm Waiting For The Day (B. Wilson/Love)
Let's Go Away For A While (B. Wilson) - instrumental
Sloop John B. (trad., arr. B. Wilson)
God Only Knows (B. Wilson/Asher)
I Know There's An Answer (B. Wilson/Asher/Sachen/Love)
Here Today (B. Wilson/Asher)
I Just Wasn't Made For These Times (B. Wilson/Asher)
Pet Sounds (B. Wilson) - instrumental
Caroline, No (B. Wilson/Asher)
Meant For You* (B. Wilson/Love)
Friends* (B. Wilson/D. Wilson/C. Wilson/Jardine)
Gettin' In Over My Head
BriMel/Rhino R2 76471
Originally released June 2004 (by Brian Wilson) - #100
Produced by Brian Wilson except $, * with Andy Paley, # with Joe Thomas
Recorded March-August 2003 except $ 1992-1994,* November 1995 (track & Carl's vocals), # summer 1998 (track), + fall 2002
How Could We Still Be Dancin' (B. Wilson/Thomas) - Brian, Elton John
Soul Searchin'* (B. Wilson/Paley) - Carl, Brian
You've Touched Me (B. Wilson/Kalinich)
Gettin' In Over My Head# (B. Wilson/Paley)
City Blues (B. Wilson/Bennett)
Desert Drive+ (B. Wilson/Paley)
A Friend Like You (B. Wilson/Kalinich) - Brian, Paul McCartney
Make A Wish (B. Wilson)
Rainbow Eyes (B. Wilson)
Saturday Morning In The City$ (B. Wilson/Paley)
Fairy Tale (B. Wilson/Foster)
Don't Let Her Know She's An Angel (B. Wilson)
The Waltz (B. Wilson/Parks)
Brian Wilson presents Smile
Nonsuch 7559-79846-2
Originally released September 2004 - #13
Produced by Brian Wilson
Recorded April-June 2004
Our Prayer/Gee (B. Wilson - Davis/Levy) - group
Heroes And Villains (B. Wilson/Parks)
Roll Plymouth Rock (B. Wilson/Parks)
Barnyard (B. Wilson/Parks)
Old Master Painter/You Are My Sunshine (Gillespie/Smith-Davis)
Cabin Essence (B. Wilson/Parks)
Wonderful (B. Wilson/Parks)
Song For Children (B. Wilson/Parks)
Child Is Father To The Man (B. Wilson/Parks)
Surf's Up (B. Wilson/Parks)
I'm In Great Shape/I Wanna Be Around/Workshop (B. Wilson/Parks-Mercer/Vimmerstedt-B. Wilson)
Vgea-Tables (B. Wilson/Parks)
On A Holiday (B. Wilson/Parks) - pirate vocal: Nicky Wonder
Wind Chimes (B. Wilson/Parks)
Mrs. O'Leary's Cow (B. Wilson)
In Blue Hawaii (B. Wilson/Parks)
Good Vibrations (B. Wilson/Asher/Love)
What I Really Want For Christmas
Arista 82876-70300-2
Originally released October 2005 (by Brian Wilson) - #200
Produced by Brian Wilson, except * Brian Wilson & Joe Thomas
Recorded April 2005 (string ovedubs May) except * summer 1997, # December 2000, +December 2001
The Man With All The Toys (B. Wilson/Love)
What I Really Want For Christmas (B. Wilson/Taupin)
God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen (trad., arr. B. Wilson)
O Holy Night (Adam/Sullivan)
We Wish You A Merry Christmas (trad., arr. B Wilson)
Hark ! The Herald Angels Sing (Wesley)
It Came Upon A Midnight Clear (Willis/Sears)
The First Noel (trad., arr. B. Wilson)
Christmasy (B. Wilson/Webb)
Little Saint Nick (B. Wilson/Love)
Deck The Halls (trad., arr. B Wilson)
Auld Lang Syne (trad./Burns)
On Christmas Day# (B. Wilson)
Joy To The World* (trad./Watts)
Silent Night+ (Gruber/Young)
Note: the composer credits for six songs given as "traditional" on the CD are listed accurately here.
That Lucky Old Sun
Capitol 509992 34147 2 3
Originally released September 2008 (by Brian Wilson) - #21
* Best Buy bonus tracks
+ iTunes bonus tracks
Produced by Brian Wilson
Recorded April 2008
That Lucky Old Sun (Gillespie/Smith)
Morning Beat (B. Wilson/Bennett/Weiss)
narrative: Room With A View (B. Wilson/Parks)
Good Kind Of Love (B. Wilson) - Brian with Taylor Mills
Forever She'll Be My Surfer Girl (B. Wilson/Bennett)
narrative: Venice Beach (B. Wilson/Parks)
Live Let Live  (B. Wilson/Parks)
Mexican Girl (B. Wilson/Bennett)
narrative: Cinco De Mayo (B. Wilson/Parks)
California Role (B. Wilson/Bennett) - Scott Bennett, Brian
narrative: Between Pictures (B. Wilson/Parks)
Oxygen To The Brain (B. Wilson/Bennett)
Can't Wait Too Long (B. Wilson) - group
Midnight's Another Day (B. Wilson/Bennett)
That Lucky Old Sun (Gillespie/Smith) - group
Going Home (B. Wilson/Bennett)
Southern California (B. Wilson/Bennett)
Good Kind Of Love* (B. Wilson) - Brian with Carole King
I'm Into Something Good* (Goffin/King) - Brian, Carole King
Just Like Me And You* (B. Wilson/Parks)
Oh Mi Amor+ (B. Wilson)
Message Man+ (B. Wilson)
Note: several of Brian's lead vocals were flown in from the summer 2006 demo sessions, notably "Midnight's Another Day".
A Postcard From California
Jardine Tours
Originally released June 2010 (by Alan Jardine - download only)
Produced by Alan Jardine
Recorded 2004-2010 except * basic track & Carl's vocal circa 1978
A Postcard From California (Jardine) - Alan, Glen Campbell
California Feelin' (B. Wilson/Kalinich)
Lookig Down The Coast (Jardine)
Don't Fight The Sea* (Jacks/Jardine) Alan, Carl
Interlude (Slaughter/Kalinich) - Alec Baldwin (spoken word)
Campfire Scene (Jardine) - David Crosby, Neil Young & Alan
A California Saga (Jardine) - Alan, Neil Young
Help Me, Rhonda (B. Wilson/Love) - Alan, Steve Miller, Matt Jardine
San Simeon (Jardine/Slaughter) - Alan, Beckley
Drivin' (Jardine/Slaughter/Heger) - Alan, Brian, Gerry Beckley & Dewey Bunnell
Honkin' Down The Highway (B. Wilson) - Brian, Alan
And I Always Will (Jardine)
Brian Wilson Reimagines Gershwin
Disney Pearl Series D000428902
Originally released August 2010 - #26
* iTunes bonus track
Produced by Brian Wilson
Recorded November 2009-February 2010
Rhapsody In Blue/intro (Gershwin)
The Like In I Love You (Gershwin/Wilson/Bennett)
Summertime (Gershwin/Heyward/Heyward/Gershwin)
I Loves You, Porgy (Gershwin/Heyward/Heyward/Gershwin)
I Got Plenty O' Nuttin' (GershwinHeyward/Heyward/Gershwin) - instrumental
It Ain't Necessarily So (Gershwin/Heyward/Heyward/Gershwin)
'S Wonderful (Gershwin/Gershwin)
They Can't Take That Away From Me (Gershwin/Gershwin) - group, Brian
Our Love Is Here To Stay (Gershwin/Gershwin)
I've Got A Crush On You (Gershwin/Gershwin)
I Got Rhythm (Gershwin/Gershwin)
Someone To Watch Over Me (Gershwin/Gershwin)
Nothing But Love (Gershwin/Wilson/Bennett)
Rhapsody In Blue/reprise (Gershwin)
Let's Call The Whole Thing Off* (Gershwin/Gershwin) - Brian, Taylor Mills
In The Key Of Disney
Disney Pearl Series D001464702
Originally released October 2011 - #83
* bonus track (CD)
# bomus track (download)
Produced by Brian Wilson
Recorded January-February 2011
You Got A Friend In Me (Newman)
The Bare Necessities (Gilkyson)
Baby Mine (Churchill/Washington)
Kiss The Girl (Menken/Ashman)
Colors Of The Wind (Menken/Schwartz)
Can You Feel The Love Tonight ? (John/Rice)
We Belong Together (Newman)
I Just Can't Wait To Be King (John/Rice)
Stay Awake (Sherman/Sherman)
Heigh-Ho/Whistle While You Work/Yo Ho (A Pirate's Life For Me)
  (Morey/Churchill-Churchill/Morey-Bruns/Atencio)- instrumental
When You Wish Upon A Star (Washington/Harline)
A Dream Is A Wish Your Heart Makes* (Hoffman/Livingstone)
Peace On Earth# (Burke/Lee)
No Pier Pressure
Originally released April 2015 - #28
Produced by Brian Wilson and Joe Thomas except # additional production by Sebu *, + Brian Wilson
Recorded  2014 except * 1975, + September 2005
This Beautiful Day (B. Wilson/Thomas)
Runaway Dancer# (B. Wilson/Thomas/Simonian) - Brian, Sebu
Whatever Happened  (B. Wilson/Thomas) - Brian, Alan
On The Island  (B. Wilson/Thomas) - Zooey Deschanel, Brian
Half Moon Bay  (B. Wilson/Thomas) - instrumental
Our Special Love  (B. Wilson/Thomas) - Brian, Peter Hollens
The Right Time  (B. Wilson/Thomas) - Alan, Brian
Guess You Had To Be There  (B. Wilson/Thomas/Salgado/Musgraves) - Kacey Musgraves, Brian
Don't Worry  (B. Wilson/Thomas)
Somewhere Quiet  (B. Wilson/Bennett)
I'm Feeling Sad  (B. Wilson/Thomas)
Tell Me Why  (B. Wilson/Thomas) - Brian, Alan
Sail Away  (B. Wilson/Peterik/Millais/Thomas) - Blondie, Alan, Brian
One Kind Of Love (B. Wilson/Bennett)
Saturday Night  (B. Wilson/Thomas/Ruess) - Nate Ruess, Brian
The Last Song  (B. Wilson/Thomas)
In The Back Of My Mind* (B. Wilson/Love)
Love And Mercy+ (B. Wilson)