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  Not much explanation required: the albums are set out in order of original US release, divided into the following sections: 1962-64, 1965-69, 1970-78, 1979-2013, selected compilations, solo (or essentially non-Beach Boys) projects and the copyright extension releases. All notations are explained within each entry, with the exception of those songs Mike Love claimed he'd contributed to, and which he was awarded by an LA court in 1994. For these songs, his name is listed last, and in italics. Each title is listed as follows:

  Song title (composer(s)) - lead vocalist(s).

  Some of the lead vocal assignations are going to be controversial - comments and amendments welcomed. The titles separated from the main track listing are the bonus tracks on the 1990 2fer CD reissues. For the information regarding the numerous CD reissues, I am forever in the debt of Joe Thomas and his exemplary research in this field. Any errors in this part of the page are all mine. To briefely summarise the US CD reissues, in May 1990 Capitol Records reissued the whole 1962-69 (and 1976) catalog as 2fers, that is two albums on one CD, lightly garnished with extensive (though not invariably accurate) sleeve notes and bonus tracks from the relevant period. The exceptions to this rule were Pet Sounds and the Christmas album, released singly in 1990 and 1991 respectively. For reasons known only to the Capitol finance department, in summer 1994 the album were reissued once more, this time singly, without bonus tracks, under the banner of "The Sweet 16". In the interim - 1991 - the post Capitol albums had also been reissued by CBS-Sony in bare-bones format: no liners, no bonus tracks (except when they used the wrong masters, but that's another story...). Then in 2000, Capitol, having accquired the rights to the post 1969 catalog, reissued not only the original 2fers but also pared up the later albums into the same format, albeit without any bonus tracks. Since then, there have been other reissues, most notably in 2012, when all the Capitol studio albums from Surfin' USA to Smiley Smile (except the 1964 Christmas album) were reissued in mono/stereo editions, with a first-time stereo remix where applicable. Wild Honey had to wait another five years for this.

  Recording dates are of necessity somewhat simplified: those wishing more detail on this subject are
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