Part 6 - Copyright extensions
  In 2012, a new European Union copyright law was passed which extended the copyright of songs to 70 years, but only for recordings that were published within 50 years after they were made. In order to prevent recordings made by 1960s artists from legally entering the public domain, many new rarities compilations were issued by record labels. For the Beach Boys, this began with the digitally exclusive release The Big Beat 1963 in 2013 (the 1962 Surfin' Safarai material having already gone out of copyright, hence the flood of some very oddly titled reissues of said album) and has continued each year to date (apparently the only major artists to so do). The majority of the releases have continued to be download only, but occasional years have been afforded a physical format, as noted in the entries below. The overall format of title/composers/lead vocals has been expanded to add such session information as is necessary, thus avoiding footnotes possibly more lengthy than the actual entry. Corrections, comments and additional info as ever welcomed at
Feel Flows
Live 1970