[unless noted otherwise, all sessions took place at Western Studio]
[unless stated otherwise, all releases are on Capitol]
January   1 - Shut Down, Volume 2 session: Fun, Fun, Fun/The Warmth Of The Sun
  2 - Paul Petersen session: She Rides With Me
  6 - Pamela Jean/After The Game Survivors single released
  6 - Paul Petersen session: She Rides With Me vocals [RCA]
  7 - Shut Down, Volume 2 session: Don't Worry, Baby/In The Parkin' Lot/This Car
       Of Mine/Denny's Drums
  7 - Shut Down, Volume 2 session: Why Do Fools Fall In Love [Gold Star]
  8 - Shut Down, Volume 2 session: Why Do Fools Fall In Love/Fun, Fun, Fun
       vocals/The Warmth Of The Sun vocals [Gold Star]
10 - Shut Down, Volume 2/Castells session: Why Do Fools Fall in Love vocals/I Do
       vocals [studio unknown, probably Gold Star]
11 - Castells session - I Do vocals [Gold Star]
?? - Honeys session: Boys Will Be Boys/What'll I Wear To School Today ?
       (before the 12th)
Surfside '64: 1st tour of Australia & New Zealand:
[two shows at all venues except where noted
w/Roy Orbison (headliner), The Surfaris, Paul & Paula and The Joy Boys]
15 - Festival Hall, Brisbane, Queensland, Australia
17 - Sydney Stadium, New South Wales
18 - Sydney Stadium, New South Wales [3 shows]
20 - Centennial Hall, Adelaide, South Australia
21 - Festival Hall, Melbourne, Victoria
22 - Festival Hall, Melbourne, Victoria
23 - Town Hall, Hobart, Tasmania
24 - ATN-7 TV show, Sydney, New South Wales: 'Meet the Stars of Surfside '64'
25 - Civic Theatre, Invercargill, South Island, New Zealand* [3 shows]
27 - Theatre Royal, Christchurch, South Island* [2 shows]
28 - Theatre Royal, Christchurch, South Island* [2 shows]
29 - Wellington Town Hall, North Island
30 - Founders Hall, Hamilton, North Island
31 - Auckland Town Hall, North Island
February   1 - Auckland Town Hall, North Island
       [3 shows - date added due to public demand]
  3 - Fun, Fun, Fun/Why Do Fools Fall In Love single released
  4 - Arthritis and Rheumatism Telethon Channel 5 TV,  Los Angeles CA
  6-9 - Winternationals Custom Car Show, Great Western Exhibit Center, Los Angeles
           CA# [w/Dick Dale and Joe & Eddy][1]
  8 - Pavalon Skating Rink, Huntington Beach CA* [w/The Surf Riders]
16 - Jan & Dean session: Ride The Wild Surf vocals [United - BW only]
17 - Honeys session: He's A Doll/I Can See Right Through You (= Go Away Boy)
       [Gold Star]
18 - Larry Denton session: Endless Sleep [Gold Star]
19 - Shut Down, Volume 2 session: Keep An Eye On Summer/Pom Pom Playgirl
20 - Shut Down, Volume 2 session: 'Cassius' Love vs 'Sonny' Wilson/Louie Louie/
       Shut Down, Part II
21 - Hoquiam High School, Seattle WA [w/The Beachcombers & Shirley Owens, The
       Capris with Gail Harris and The Chandels]
22 - 1964 All Star Revue, Center Opera House, Seattle WA [3 shows - w/Bobby
        Vinton, Trini Lopez, Jimmy Gilmer, Mel Carter and The Cascades
23 - Spokane Coliseum, Spokane WA [w/Jimmy Gilmer and The Cascades]
28 - Cupertino High School, Cupertino CA*
28 - Santa Clara County Fairgrounds, San Jose CA [w/The Rip Chords, The Dartells,
       The Surfaris, Bruce and Terry, Chris Crosby, Ramona King and The Preps]
March   ? - NBC TV studio, Burbank CA: Lost Concert (first week)
  ? - She Rides With Me/Poorest Boy In Town Paul Petersen single released (Colpix)
  2 - Shut Down, Volume 2 album released
  3 - session: In My Room (German vocals)
  5 - Gary Usher session: Sacramento/Just The Way I Feel
  6 - Bellflower Rollerena, Bellflower CA* [w/The Blazers]
  9 - I Do/Teardrops Castells single released (Warner)
10 - Jan & Dean session: Rockin' Little Roadster/Barons, West LA/
                                       It's As Easy As 1, 2, 3 [United - BW only]
12 - KFMB TV Steve Allen Show, San Diego, CA
14 - ABC TV studio, Hollywood CA: American Bandstand
28 - Civic Auditorium, Santa Cruz CA* [2 shows]
April   2 - All Summer Long session: I Get Around [2]
  3 - Whittier HS Auditorium, Whittier, CA
        [w/Mahalia Jackson, Pat Boone and others]
10 - All Summer Long session:
       I Get Around [vocals]/Little Honda/Girls On The Beach
11 - Cow Palace, San Francisco CA#
        [w/Chuck Berry, Paul and Paula, Bessie Banks, Bobby Rydell, Gloria Scott, The
        Coasters, Marvin Gaye, Round Robin and The Pyramids]
13 - He's A Doll/The Love Of A Boy And A Girl Honeys single released (Warner)
16 - 'Girls On The Beach' filming
17 - 'Girls On The Beach' filming
18 - 'Girls On The Beach' filming
29 - All Summer Long session: We'll Run Away/Don't Back Down/Drive-In/
       Memphis Beach (=Carl's Big Chance)/Let's Live (Before We Die)/Hushabye/
       Wendy [3]
?? - Sharon Marie session: Thinkin' 'Bout You Baby/Story Of My Life
May   6 - All Summer Long session:
       All Summer Long/Do You Remember ?/Our Favorite Recording Sessions
  7 - All Summer Long session: All Summer Long
  8 - Centennial Coliseum, Reno NV [2 shows]*
  9 - Memorial Auditorium, Sacramento CA [2 shows]*
11 - I Get Around/Don't Worry, Baby single released
12 - Red Skelton TV show, Los Angeles CA
14 - Houston TX*
15 - SMU Coliseum, Dallas TX*
       [w/The Jades, The Marksmen, Kirby St. Romaine, Bob Hayden, Scotty McKay]
16 - Municipal Auditorium, San Antonio TX* [w/Barbara Lynn, Little Johnny Taylor,
        Bob Hayden & the Marksmen, Dawn Six and the Rel-Yeas]
18 - All Summer Long session: Do You Remember ?/We'll Run Away
19 - All Summer Long session: Girls On the Beach [vocals]
23 - Memorial Coliseum, Portland OR*
June   1 - Sacramento/Just The Way I Feel Gary Usher single released
  1 - Thinkin' 'Bout You, Baby/Story Of My Life Sharon Marie single released
12 - Hawthorne HS Senior Breakfast, Hawthorne CA*
12 - The Lagoon, Farmington UT*
13 - The Lagoon, Farmington UT*
16 - Annette session: The Monkey's Uncle vocals [Sunset] [4]
17 - The Monkey's Uncle opening credits sequence, Disney Studios, Burbank CA
18 - Christmas Album session: We Three Kings Of Orient Are/Blue Christmas/Santa
       Claus is Coming To Town/White Christmas [orchestra - United] [5]
22 - session: Don't Hurt My Little Sister
23 - All Summer Long session: Little Honda (alternate)
24 - Christmas Album session: Frosty The Snowman/I'll Be Home For Christmas/
        Jingle Bells [orchestra - United] [5]
25 - Christmas Album session: The Man With All The Toys/Santa's Beard/Merry
       Christmas, Baby/Christmas Day/Auld Lang Syne
26 - Civic Auditorium, San Jose CA*
        [w/Bobby Freeman, Rene and Rene and the Paris Sisters]
27 - Christmas Album session: Christmas Day
29 - Christmas Album session: Frosty The Snowman/We Three Kings Of Orient
       Are/Blue Christmas/Santa Claus Is Coming To Town/White Christmas [vocals]
30 - Christmas Album session: Merry Christmas, Baby/I'll Be Home For Christmas
Summer Safari Tour
[w/Jimmy Griffin, Freddie Cannon and Lynn Easton
& The Kingsmen, except Hawaii, as noted]
  3 - Million Dollar Party, HIC International Arena, Honolulu, HI [w/Bruce & Terry,
       Jan & Dean, The Righteous Brothers, The Kingsmen, Freddy Cannon, Jimmy
       Griffin, The Rivingtons, Ray Peterson, Jody Miller, Jimmy Clanton, Peter &
  4 - Million Dollar Party, HIC International Arena, Honolulu, HI (same artists as 3rd)
  5 - Million Dollar Party, Bloch Arena, Honolulu HI* (same artists as 3rd)
  5 - Schofield Barracks, Honolulu HI*
  6 - University Of Arizona, Tuscon AZ [2 shows]
  7 - Civic Auditorium, Albuquerque NM*
  8 - Amarillo TX*
  9 - Springlake Amusement Park, Oklahoma City OK* [2 shows]
10 - Tulsa Assembly Center, Tulsa OK
11 - Rosenblatt Stadium, Omaha NE*
12 - Municipal Auditorium, Kansas City MO [6]
13 - All Summer Long album released
13 - Veterans Memorial Auditorium, Des Moines IA
14 - RKO Orpheum Theater, Davenport IA*
15 - Kiel Auditorium, St Louis, MO [2 shows]
16 - Kentucky State Fairgrounds Coliseum, Louisville KY
17 - Indiana Beach, Shafer Lake, Monticello IN [2 shows]
18 - State Fairgrounds, Indianapolis IN
19 - Milwaukee Auditorium, Milwaukee, WI [2 shows]
20 - Industrial Mutual Auditorium, Flint MI*
21 - Coconut Lounge, Lakewood Beach, Urbana OH* [2 shows]
22 - Baer Field Raceways, Fort Wayne IN*
23 - Capitol Theater, Madison WI [2 shows - Eddie Hodges joins the tour]
24 - Arie Crown Theater, Chicago IL [Freddy Cannon's last show of the tour]
25 - Mary E. Sawyer Auditorium, La Crosse WI# [2 shows]
28 - Auditorium Theatre, Denver CO*
       (last minute switch from Red Rocks Theater, Morrison, CO)
29 - The Lagoon, Farmington UT *
30 - State Building Auditorium, Reno NV [2 shows]
31 - Oakland Civic Auditorium, Oakland CA [Rene & Rene added for this show only]
August   1 - Civic Memorial Auditorium, Sacramento CA
       [2 shows, recorded for Beach Boys Concert]
  2 - Veterans Memorial Building, Santa Rosa CA* [2 shows]
  3 - Memorial Auditorium, Fresno CA* [2 shows]
  4 - Earl Warren Showgrounds, Santa Barbara CA
  5 - The Starlight Bowl, Burbank, CA*
  5 - single session: When I Grow Up/She Knows Me Too Well
  6 - Las Vegas Convention Center, Las Vegas NV *
  7 - Arizona State Fairgrounds, Phoenix AZ *
  8 - Russ Auditorium, San Diego HS, San Diego CA [2 shows]
  8 - single session: She Knows Me Too Well
10 - single session: When I Grow Up (To Be A Man)
17 - Bob & Bobby session: Peep And Hide (= Baby, What You Want Me To Do)
21 - Euclid Beach Amusement Park, Cleveland OH* [2 shows] [7]
22 - Syria Mosque, Pittsburgh PA [2 shows]
23 - Memorial Coliseum, Evansville IN#
24 - When I Grow Up (To Be A Man)/She Knows Me Too Well single released
24 - Agricultural Hall, Allentown PA* [w/The Chevelles and Angie & The Citations]
25 - Lakewood Ballroom, Lakeside Park, Barnesville PA#
       [w/The Chevelles and Angie & The Citations]
28 - Springlake Amusement Park, Oklahoma City OK [3 shows]
29 - Springlake Amusement Park, Oklahoma City OK [3 shows]
31 - Beach Boys Concert sweetening session:
       I Get Around/Fun, Fun, Fun/'Honda 55 commercial'
September   2 - Kleinhan's Music Hall, Buffalo NY *
  3 - MacArthur Stadium, Syracuse NY*
       [w/Carmen & The Vikings and The Treblemen]
  4 - Seattle Teen Age Fair, Seattle WA [cancelled]
  4 - Surf Ballroom, Nantasket Beach, Hull MA# [2 shows]
  5 - Seattle Teen Age Fair, Seattle WA [cancelled]
  5 - Bushnell Memorial, Hartford CT *
  6 - Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute, Troy NY* (presumed date)
  9 - session: I'm So Young (alt)
11 - The Lagoon, Farmington UT
12 - The Lagoon, Farmington UT*
13 - Boise High School Auditorium, Boise ID [2 shows]
16 - session: All Dressed Up For School
17 - Cameo Theatre, Miami Beach FL
18 - Alabama State Coliseum, Montgomery AL*
       [w/ Jan & Dean, Ronnie & the Daytonas, Bobby Wood, Don Gibson, Ace
       Cannon, Norma Jean, Jerry Wallace, Travis Wommack, Porter Waggoner
       and The Chartbusters]
19 - Birmingham Municipal Auditorium, Birmingham AL*
       [3 shows - w/ Jan & Dean, Ronnie & the Daytonas, Bobby Wood, Don Gibson,
       Ace Cannon, Norma Jean, Jerry Wallace, Travis Wommack and The
20 - City Auditorium, Atlanta GA
21 - 4 By The Beach Boys EP released
21 - Civic Auditorium, Knoxville TN
22 - Municipal Auditorium, Nashville TN*
22 - session: Dance, Dance, Dance (alt) [Columbia, Nashville TN]
23 - Alexandria Roller Rink, Alexandria VA
       [w/Steve Alaimo, The Dominoes and The Mugwumps][8]
24 - Loew's State Theater, Providence RI
25 - Ed Sullivan Show rehearsals, New York NY
26 - West Orange National Guard Armory, West Orange NJ*
       [w/The Ubans, The Fairlanes, The Creations and Carol Summers]
27 - CBS TV Ed Sullivan Show, New York NY
October   9 - single session: Dance, Dance, Dance [RCA]
14 - Glen Campbell session: Guess I'm Dumb
16 - Civic Auditorium, San Jose CA [w/The Tikis]
17 - Civic Auditorium, Bakersfield CA* [w/The Avengers]
18 - Democratic fund raiser, Hollywood Palladium, Hollywood CA* [cancelled]
18 - Air Force Base Gym, Mountain Home ID*
       [2 shows - w/The Echelons and The So And So's]
19 - Beach Boys Concert album released
22 - Contra Costa College, San Pablo CA# [9]
22 - University of California, Berkeley CA# [9]
23 - Foothill College, Los Altos CA# [w/The Tikis] [10]
24 - Chico State College, Chico CA# [cancelled]
26 - Dance, Dance, Dance/The Warmth Of The Sun single released
27 - TAMI show rehearsals, Civic Auditorium, Santa Monica CA
28 - TAMI show, Civic Auditorium, Santa Monica CA
29 - TAMI show, Civic Auditorium, Santa Monica CA
30 - Memorial Auditorium, Worcester MA* [11]
1st European tour [12]
  3 - Top Of the Pops TV show, Manchester, England [cancelled]
  4 - TWW Discs A Go Go TV show, Bristol (m) (broadcast 9th)
  5 - BBC2 The Beat Room TV show, London (l) (broadcast 9th)
  6 - BBC Light Programme Top Gear radio show, London (l) (broadcast 19th)
  6 - ITV Ready Steady Go TV show, London (l)
  7 - BBC2 Open House TV show, London (l)
  8 - ITV Thank Your Lucky Stars TV show, Birmingham (broadcast 14th) (m)
  9 - The Man With All the Toys/Blue Christmas single released
  9 - The Beach Boys' Christmas Album released
  9 - TF2 Age Tendre Et Tete Du Bois TV show, Paris France* (broadcast 10th) (m)
  9 - Au Dela de L'ecran TV show*# (broadcast 15th)
11 - RAI TV show, Rome, Italy
12 - Rome
13 - 2nd Network TV show taping, Munich, West Germany
14 - to 17: Frankfurt & Berlin
18 - Olympia Theatre, Paris [w/Dick Rivers and Monty]
21 - Konserthuset, Stockholm Sweden* [w/Jackie De Shannon, The Mascots and
       Jan Rohde & The Wild Ones]
[note -  After Sweden they visited Copenhagen, for a promo-only visit]
25 - Auditorium Theater, Rochester NY* [2 shows]
26 - New Haven Arena, New Haven CT*
27 - Cleveland Arena, Cleveland OH* [w/Jay & the Americans, The Shangri-Las,
        The Uniques, Ivan & the Sabers, The Grasshoppers, Joey & the Continentals,
        Rocky & the Visions, The Sensations and The Tulu Babies]
28 - Olympia, Detroit MI*
        [w/Jay & the Americans, Geno Washington and The Shangri-Las]
29 - Cincinnati Gardens, Cincinnati OH* [w/Jan & Dean, The Shangri-Las, Jay &
        The Americans and Ron Britain][cancelled]
December 14 - ABC Shindig ! TV show, Los Angeles CA* [broadcast 23rd]
16 - session: Kiss Me, Baby
18 - NBC TV Bob Hope Comedy Special, Burbank CA
18 - Music Hall, Houston TX [w/The Detours][13]
19 - Assembly Center Arena, Tulsa, OK* [cancelled] [14]
20 - Little Rock Auditorium, Little Rock AR* [cancelled]
21 - Jackson MS*# [cancelled]
22 - Memorial Auditorium, Dallas TX*[15]
27 - Civic Auditorium, Omaha NE [w/The Megatones and The Royal Flairs]
28 - KRNT Theater, Des Moines IA*
29 - Fairgrounds Coliseum, Indianapolis IN*
       [w/The Fantastic Four Wheels and Sir Richard & The Mark IV's ]
30 - Kentucky State Fairgrounds Coliseum, Louisville KY*
       [w/ Lonnie Mack, The Monarchs and The Newbeats]
31 - The Coliseum, Charlotte NC*
  The band played at least one day, possibly two.
  Very possibly the session at which Murry was reportedly fired as manager: in fact
  he'd already been dismissed back in February, but kept turning up to sessions. This
  was the one where Brian lost his temper, pinned his father too the wall and told him
  in no uncertain terms that he wasn't their manager any longer and to stay away.
  That all these titles were recorded on this date is highly questionable. There is an
  AFM sheet for the first two titles: the information for the others is taken from less
  reliable sources. Further research indicates that there may have been two sessions
  on this date: one for "Memphis Beach" and unspecified others, and a later one
  (running into the 30th) for "Don't Back Down", "Hushabye" and likely "Let's Live
  Before We Die".
  The instrumental track was recorded earlier in the day at the same studio: no Beach
  Boys were involved.
  Although these orchestral sessions are listed on the AFM contracts as being held at
  Capitol, in fact they were recorded at United. Some of the vocals for these
  orchestral tracks, notably "We Three Kings", were recorded live with the orchestra.
  At this show Dennis was hit by something thrown by a fan and had to leave the
  stage. He missed a few shows, Dick Peterson of the Kingsmen filling in on drums.
  Both shows were broadcast live by the local station, KYA.
  The Mugwumps included Zal Yankovsky and Cass Elliott.
  The dates for these shows are extrapolated from the dates of the following two, but
  are accurate to within a day or two.
  The Tikis included a young Ted Templeman, who clearly recalls Brian being present
  and leading the pre-show rehearsal. The Tikis later became Harpers Bizarre, who
  also opened for The Beach Boys. The date is extrapolated from a report in the
  Foothill Sentinel dated Friday 30th October which states the show took place
  "last Friday".
  The show resulted in a riot and was stopped by the police after 14 minutes.
  This first European tour was very much a promotional visit: only two full live shows
  were played. Of the English appreaences, those noted (l) were live, (m) mimed.
  The first French show was mimed as indicated while the other was footage of the
  band in Monmartre. The rest of the shows on the tour ? Anyone's guess...
  En route to Houston from LA, Brian breaks down on the plane: he plays the show
  but flies home the next day.
  A December 19th Tulsa newspaper announced that this show would not take place
  due to the illness of one of the band, while a letter to a Little Rock paper in May
  1965 asked why the following days show show was also cancelled: the response
  was that one of the band was taken ill and could not perform. In light of the previous
  day's events, this could only be Brian.
  Glen Campbell replaces Brian. He flew back to Texas with the same road manager
  who took Brian home.