[unless noted otherwise, all sessions took place at Western Studio]
[shows noted + had Glen Campbell in for Bruce]
  January   1 - Greensboro Coliseum, Greensboro NC*
  2 - Alan B. Shepard Convention Center, Virginia Beach VA
       [w/The Belvederes - 2 shows]
  3 - The Mosque, Richmond VA [w/The Belvederes]
  7 - Today ! session: Please Let Me Wonder
  8 - Today ! session: Help Me, Ronda
  9 - Today ! session: Please Let Me Wonder vocals
11 - Today ! session: Do You Wanna Dance [Gold Star]
13 - Today ! session: Good To My Baby/Denny's Ballad (=In The Back Of My
        Mind)/Bull Session With 'Big Daddy'
15 - Today ! session: Kiss Me, Baby
18 - Today ! session: I'm So Young
19 - Today ! session: Help Me, Ronda/Good To My Baby/In The Back Of My
                                  Mind/I'm So Young vocals
27 - Memorial Coliseum, Portland OR (Brian played this show)
       [w/Don & The Goodtimes and The Sonics]
29 - PNE Forum, Vancouver BC, Canada
30 - Seattle Center Coliseum, Seattle WA
       [w/ Jan and Dean, The Viceroys, the Sonics, The  Astronauts, Sir Raleigh & the
       Coupons, Jimmy Hannah, Terry Black and the Dynamics]
  February   4 - Little Rock Auditorium, Little Rock AR#
  5 - Assembly Center Arena, Tulsa, OK#
  6 - Wichita Forum, Wichita, KS* 
       [w/The Profits, The Singing Conners and Dick and Dee-Dee]
12 - Convention Hall, Philadelphia PA
        [w/Billy Harner & The Expressions and Pal & The Phrophets] [1]
13 - Academy of Music, Brooklyn, New York NY [two shows] [2]
14 - The Mosque Theater, Newark, NJ* [w/The Magnificent Seven]
15 - Do You Wanna Dance/Please Let Me Wonder single released
17 - Rhodes Ballroom, Cranston, RI* [w/Joey Major & The Minors and Dipsey]
18 - Memorial Auditorium, Worcester, MA*
       [Earl Leaf joined the tour for this show and stayed until Buffalo]
19 - Maurice Richard Arena, Montreal QB, Canada* [3]
20 - YM/YWCA Auditorium, Ottawa ON, Canada*
       [with The Girl Friends, The Big Town Boys and The Staccatos]
21 - Maple Leaf Gardens, Toronto ON, Canada
       [w/The Esquires, The Big Town Boys, The Girl Friends]
22 - Kleinhan's Music Hall, Buffalo, NY*
24 - single session: Help Me, Rhonda [Radio Recorders]
26 - San Jose Sports Arena, CA [w/Brian not Glen]
       [w/Paul Revere & The Raiders, The Beau Brummels, The Preps and The Tikis]
27 - Civic Auditorium, Sacramento, CA [2 shows]
       [w/The Marauders and Paul Revere & the Raiders]
  4 - single session: Help Me, Rhonda vocals
  8 - The Beach Boys Today ! album released
20 - Summer Days... session: I Hate Rock & Roll (=Let Him Run Wild)
21 - single session: Help Me, Rhonda vocals (during mixdown)
25 - single session: Help Me, Rhonda vocals (during mixdown)
26 - Arie Crown Theater, Chicago IL* [4]
27 - Arie Crown Theater, Chicago IL* [4]
28 - Cincinnati Gardens, Cincinnati OH*
       [w/Billy Jo Royal, Avo & Ray, The Driving Winds, Kenny Price, Geri Diamond,
       The Casinos, The Teardrops, The Cincy Singers and The Contenders]
29 - Summer Days... session: Sherry, She Needs Me
29 - single session: Help Me, Rhonda vocals (during mixdown: released version)
30 - Summer Days... session: Salt Lake City
  April   5 - Help Me, Rhonda/Kiss Me, Baby single released
  5 - Melodyland Theater, Anaheim CA
       [2 shows - w/The Munsters Singing Group, Pat & Lolly and The Vegas Trio]
  6 - Summer Days... session: We Don't Know (=California Girls)
  9 - Municipal Auditorium, New Orleans LA
       [w/Bobby Goldsboro, The Aubry Twins and The Fabulieres] [5]
10 - Ellis Auditorium,  Memphis TN [w/Bobby Goldsboro, Sam the Sham & the
       Pharoahs, The Gentrys and Bobby Woods]
11 - Municipal Auditorium, Atlanta GA
       [w/Bobby Goldsboro, Bobby Woods and Sam the Sham & the Pharaohs]
12 - Jack Russell Stadium, Clearwater FL*+
       [w/The Roemans and Pam Hall & The Catalinas]
14 - Summer Days... session: Amusement Parks USA
14 - Yankee Stadium, Ft. Lauderdale FL*+
15 - Convention Hall, Miami FL+
16 - Summer Days... session: "untitled ballad" (=Then I Kissed Her)
17 - City Island Ball Park, Daytona Beach FL*+
       [w/The Escorts and The Night Crawlers] [6]
19 - Glen Campbell session: Guess I'm Dumb vocals
19 - Tinker Field Stadium, Orlando FL
20 - State Armory, Wilmington DE [w/The Sonics and the Nebulas]
21 - Shindig ABC TV show, Los Angeles CA [w/Brian, taped 7th]
21 - JFK Coliseum, Manchester NH*
       [w/The Mar-Vels, The Knights and Danny Gravas]
22 - Memorial Auditorium, Lowell MA* 
       [w/The Mar-Vels, The Knights and Danny Gravas]
23 - Civic Center, Baltimore MD*+
       [w/Sam the Sham and the Pharaohs, The British Walkers and The Uptowns]
24 - Washington Coliseum, Washington DC+ [w/The British Walkers, The Jumping
       Jacks, Jimmy Jones and Danny & The Elegants]
25 - Carney Hall, Kansas State College, Pittsburg KS* [spurious] [7]
30 - Summer Days... session: Girl Don't Tell Me
  May   3 - Summer Days... session: Then I Kissed Her
  4 - Summer Days... session: Sandy, She Needs Me
  5 - Summer Days... session: Graduation Day/Amusement Parks USA/Sandy, She
       Needs Me (partial vocals)
  ? -  Summer Days... session: You're So Good To Me
  7 - Legion Field, Birmingham, AL+
       [w/The Rolling Stones, The Righteous Brothers, Marty Robbins. Sonny James,
       Cannibal & the Headhunters, Skeeter Davis and Bill Reeves]
  8 - Alabama State Coliseum, Montgomery AL+# [w/The Righteous Brothers, Marty
       Robbins, Skeeter Davis, Cannibal & the Headhunters, Archie Campbell, The
       Premieres, Jack Martin and the Martiniques Band]
12 - Summer Days... session: Summer Means New Love [Capitol]
12 - Virginia Beach Dome, Virginia Beach VA+
       [w/Sir Douglas Quintet and The Swinging Machine - 2 shows]
13 - Springfield Auditorium, Springfield MA*+ [w/The Long Island Sound]
14 - Boston Arena, Boston MA*+
       [w/The Long Island Sound and Dody Stuarte & The Caprolons]
15 - New Haven Arena, New Haven CT*+ [w/The Long Island Sound]
15 - Summer Days... session: Summer Means New Love
16 - Ed Sullivan TV Show, New York NY [8]
19 - Memorial Auditorium, Canton OH
       [w/The Motions, Sam the Sham & the Pharaohs and Glen Campbell]
20 - Sports Arena, Toledo OH*
       [w/Sam the Sham & the Pharaohs, The Vandaliers and Glen Campbell]
21 - Hara Arena, Dayton OH
       [w/Sam the Sham & the Pharaohs and Glen Campbell]
22 - Victory Field, Indianapolis IN* [w/The Four Wheels and The Kingsmen]
23 - Cobo Arena, Detroit MI
       [w/Sam the Sham & the Pharaohs and Glen Campbell]
24 - Summer Days... session: The Girl From New York City
24 - Summer Days... session: You're So Good To Me/The Girl From New York City/
       I'm Bugged At My Ol' Man /And Your Dream Comes True vocals [Columbia]
?? - Summer Days... session: Amusement Parks USA/Salt Lake City vocals
28 - Centennial Coliseum, Reno NV [w/Glen Campbell and Dick & Dee Dee]
29 - The Lagoon, Farmington UT [2 shows - w/Glen Campbell and Dick & Dee Dee]
30 - Denver Auditorium Arena CO [w/Glen Campbell and Dick & Dee Dee]
31 - Municipal Auditorium, Oklahoma City OK
       [w/Glen Campbell and Dick & Dee Dee]
  June   1 - Summer Days... session: Summer Means New Love [Columbia]
  4 - Summer Days... session: California Girls/Let Him Run Wild vocals [Columbia]
  7 - Guess I'm Dumb/That's All Right Glen Campbell single released
  July   2 - Community Concourse Arena, San Diego CA
       [w/Sam the Sham & the Pharaohs, Ian Whitcomb, Sonny & Cher and others]
  3 - Hollywood Bowl, Hollywood CA [w/The Righteous Brothers, Dino, Desi &
       Billy, The Byrds, Sam the Sham & the Pharaohs, Sonny & Cher, The Sir
       Douglas Quintet, The Kinks, Ian Whitcomb, Donna Loren and the Liverpool
       Five] [9]
  4 - Cow Palace, San Francisco CA [w/Sonny & Cher, The Kinks, Ian Whitcomb,
       Sam the Sham & the Pharaohs, Donna Loren, Ian Whitcomb, The Ronettes,
       Drusalee and the Dead, The Emeralds with Linda Dawn, The Westwinds, The
       Decibels and The Coachmen ]
  5 - Summer Days (... And Summer Nights !!) album released
  6 - Canobie Lake Park, Salem NH * [w/The Mar-Vels]
  7 - Hampton Beach Casino, Hampton Beach NH [w/The Mar-Vels]
  8 - Municipal Auditorium, Bangor ME* [w/The Mar-Vels]
  9 - Portland Exposition Center, Portland ME*
       [w/The Mar-Vels and The Headlighters]
10 - Convention Hall, Asbury Park NJ [2 shows]
11 - Berkshire Music Barn, Lenox MA*
11 - Fairgrounds, Reading PA#
12 - California Girls/Let Him Run Wild single released
12 - Dorton Arena, Raleigh NC [w/The Embers, The Unknown 4 and The Inmates]
12 - session: Sloop John B
13 - Coliseum, Greensboro NC [w/The Roemans, The Unknowns and The Inmates]
14 - Coliseum, Charlotte NC*  [w/The Roemans and The Galaxies]
15 - Columbia Township Auditorium, Columbia SC*
16 - Memorial Auditorium, Chattanooga TN* [w/The Vondels, Don Argo, Kris
       Jenson, Ronnie Bird and Billy Osbourne & The Tracers]
17 - Memorial Coliseum, Greenville SC
18 - City Auditorium, Atlanta GA [w/Billy Joe Royal and The Roemans]
19 - Municipal Auditorium, Nashville TN
       [w/The Searchers, The Zombies and Ray Lynn]
21 - Assembly Center, Tulsa OK* [w/The Rondells, Gene Simmons and The Uniques]
22 - Municipal Auditorium, Austin TX*
       [w/The Uniques, The Rondells and The Five Americans]
23 - Dallas Memorial Auditorium, Dallas TX*
       [2 shows - w/The Uniques, The Rondells and The Five Americans]
24 - Jacksonville Coliseum, Jacksonville FL*
       [2 shows - w/Lesley Gore, Del Shannon, The Searchers, The Zombies, The
       Shangri-Las, Del Reeves, The Premieres and Sam the Sham & the Pharaohs]
29 - session: You're So Good To me vocals [Columbia - spurious] [10]
30 - Santa Clara County Fairgrounds, San Jose CA*
       [w/Sonny & Cher, We Five and The Preps]
31 - Civic Auditorium, Bakersfield CA* [w/Dino, Desi and Billy & Barbara Lewis]
  August   1 - Municipal Auditorium, Fresno CA*
       [w/Dino, Desi and Billy, Barbara Lewis and The Preps]
  6 - Waikiki Shell, Honolulu HI* [w/Dino, Desi & Billy and Barbara Lewis]
  7 - Waikiki Shell, Honolulu HI* [w/Dino, Desi & Billy and Barbara Lewis]
20 - Memorial Auditorium, Sacramento CA*
       [w/Barbara Lewis, Group B and The Preps]
21 - Memorial Auditorium, Sacramento CA*
       [w/Barbara Lewis, Group B and The Preps]
23 - Party ! session: I Should Have Known Better/Ruby Baby/(I Can't Get No)
                                Satisfaction/Hully Gully/Blowin' In The Wind
24 - The Arena, Sioux Falls SD* [w/The Original Sting-Rays and The Mustangs]
25 - Rosenblatt Stadium, Omaha NE*
26 - Kentucky State Fairgrounds, Louisville KY
       [w/The Shangri-Las, The Sir Douglas Quintet and The Keyes]
27 - Cincinnati Gardens, Cincinnati OH  [w/The Sir Douglas Quintet, Dave Osborn's
        Action Unlimited and Johnny & the Hurricanes]
28 - Arie Crown Theater, Chicago IL [w/The Shadows of Knight]
29 - Arie Crown Theater, Chicago IL [w/The Shadows of Knight]
30 - Kellogg Auditorium, Battle Creek MI# [w/Edwin Starr, Jackie Beavers, Buzz
       Barclay, Bobby Holley, The Deltons and The Epics]
  September   1 - Civic Arena, Pittsburgh PA*
       [w/Peter & Gordon, Tom Jones, Brian Hyland and The Shirelles]
  2 - Auditorium Theater, Rochester NY*
       [2 shows w/Dickey Lee, Bobby Comstock & the Counts and Sonny & Cher]
  3 - Utica Memorial Auditorium, Utica NY*
       [w/Dickey Lee and Bobby Comstock & The Counts]
  4 - YW/YMCA Auditorium, Ottawa ON, Canada* [w/The Esquires, JB & the
        Playboys, The Rythmics, Dickey Lee and Little Caesar & the Consuls]
  5 - Maple Leaf Gardens, Toronto ON, Canada [w/Sonny & Cher, Little Caesar
       & the Consuls, JB & the Playboys and The Big Town Boys]
  8 - Party ! session: Hully Gully/Ruby Baby/Satisfaction/I Should Have Known
                                 Better/Tell Me Why/Don't Worry, Baby/Little Deuce Coupe/
                                 You’ve Got To  Hide Your Love Away/Cal;ifornia Girls/She
                                 Belongs To Me/Laugh At Me/Riot In Cell Block #9
10 - The Lagoon, Farmington UT*
11 - The Lagoon, Farmington UT*
14 - Party ! session: Tell Me Why/I Should Have Known Better/Papa Oom Mow
                                 Mow/There’s No Other (alt)/Mountain Of Love/You’ve Got
                                 To Hide Your Love Away/Ticket To Ride/Alley Oop/Devoted
                                 To You
15 - Party ! session: You’ve Got To Hide Your Love Away/I Get Around/Little
                                 Deuce Coupe/Mountain Of Love/Ticket To Ride/Laugh At
                                 Me/Riot In Cell Block #9/One Kiss Led To Another
17 - Civic Center, Baltimore MD*
       [wTthe McCoys, The Strangeloves and The Uptowns]
18 - Convention Hall, Philadelphia PA* [w/Tony Troy]
19 - National Guard Armory, Washington DC*
       [w/El Corals and Little Wimpy & The New Bedford Set]
23 - Party ! session: The Times They Are A Changing/You’ve Got To Hide Your
                                 Love Away/Barbara Ann/Smokey Joe’s Café/Heart and Soul/
                                 Long Tall Sally
24 - Exhibition Forum, Vancouver BC, Canada*
       [w/Charlie Rich, The Castaways and The Chessmen]
25 - Memorial Coliseum, Portland OR [w/The Viceroys and The Tempests]
27 - Party ! session: party sfx
  October 13 - single session: The Little Girl I Once Knew/Don't Talk [rehearsal]
15 - session: Stella By Starlight/How Deep Is The Ocean/'Three Blind Mice'
                    [United] [11]
22 - The Andy Williams Show NBC-TV, Burbank CA taping [12]
23 - Jack Benny Hour NBC-TV, Burbank CA taping [13]
24 - single session: The Little Girl I Once Knew
  November   1 - session: "Untitled" (='Trombone Dixie')
  3 - Jack Benny Hour NBC-TV, Burbank CA aired
  8 - Beach Boys Party ! album released
14 - USO A Go Go !, Madison Square Garden, New York NY [w/Carrol Baker,
        Carol Bruce, Red Buttons, Johnny Carson, Joan Crawford, Robert Culp, Sammy
        Davis Jr., Duke Ellington and His Orchestra, Henry Fonda, Peter Falk, Eydie
        Gorme, Bunny Gaye, Skitch Henderson, The Hullabaloo Singers & Dancers,
        Alan King, Frankie Laine, Steve Lawrence, Joe E. Lewis, Shari Lewis, Anthony
        Newley, Blanche Thebom, Eleanor Steber, Ed Sullivan, The Supremes, Robert
        Vaughn, Bobby Vinton, William B. Williams and others] [14]
17 - session: Run, James, Run (= Pet Sounds)
18 - Mayo Civic Center, Rochester MN*
       [w/The Castaways, The Gentrys and The Strangeloves]
19 - Minneapolis Auditorium, Minneapolis MN*
       [w/The Castaways, The Gentrys and The Strangeloves]
20 - Municipal Auditorium, Kansas City MO [w/The Gentrys and The Strangeloves]
21 - Keil Opera House, St. Louis MO* [w/The Gentrys and The Strangeloves]
22 - The Little Girl I Once Knew/There's No Other (Like My Baby) single released
23 - University of Massachusetts, Amherst MA
       [w/The Prince Spaghetti Minstrels, The Boss Tweeds and The Bold]
24 - Rhode Island Auditorium, Providence RI*
       [w/Cheryl Ann, The Pilgrims and Teddy & The Pandas]
25 - New Haven Arena, New Haven CT*
26 - Boston Gardens, Boston MA [w/The Pilgrims]
?? - session: "Psychedelic Talk" {Brian's home at Laurel Way][15]
  December   3 - Ector County Coliseum, Odessa TX#
  4 - Civic Auditorium, Albuquerque NM
        [w/Lindy & The Lavells, The Viscounts and The Defiants]
  8 - Beat Pop Music Awards, Hullabaloo Nightclub, Hollywood CA*
20 - Barbara Ann/Girl, Don't Tell Me single released
22 - session: Sloop John B guitar overdub & vocals [16]
29 - session: Sloop John B vocals ?
29 - Circle Star Theater, San Carlos CA
       [w/Jackie Lee, Mitch Ryder and The T Bones]
30 - Oakland Auditorium, Oakland CA
       [w/The Turtles, Mitch Ryder & the Detroit Wheels, Jackie Lee and The T Bones]
31 - UPS Fieldhouse, Tacoma WA [w/Gary Lewis & the Playboys, The Yardbirds,
       The Beau Brummels, Vejitables, Alexys and The Mojo Men]
  Brian steps in for a week for Glen.
  These shows were filmed by a German TV crew who were shooting a documentary
  about American teenagers. Sadly, the footage has never surfaced.
  Glen returns. The band were interviewed backstage for the CBC show "Like
  Both shows taped for a possible live album. Brian was present for both this and the
  next concert.
  Bruce's first show. However, it appears he didn't replace Glen Campbell on a
  permanent basis until the May 19th show at Canton OH.
  Two members of The Escorts were Duane & Greg Allman.
  Yes, not 'cancelled' but 'spurious': the promoter who booked and advertised the show
  was something of a con artist: the band knew nothing about the gig.
  The original broadcast tape of this show has been viewed, and the band do not
  appear: nor is there any mention of them whatsoever. However,according to Ron
  Swallow, the band did turn up to tape their scheduled slot, but as the show was over
  -running they were cut. The show's producer told them they would be resecheduled,
  but this evidently never happened.
  Brian played this show instead of Bruce
  Apparently this is a Bruce Johnston session: according to the AFM sheet, Brian was
  Although the studio is sometimes referred to as United Western, they are in fact
  different studios.
  With Brian, the band sang live versions of  "Help Me, Rhonda", "Their Hearts Were
  Full Of Spring" and "Little Honda" (reworded as "Little Cycle") over newly
  recorded tracks.
  With Brian, the band sang "California Girls" and "Barbara Ann", also acting in a skit
  with Bob Hope & Jack Benny.
  A star-studded benefit concert for the United Services Overseas organisation.
  With Loren Schwartz and his wife: the actual date is somewhere between November
  1965 and January 1966.
  The session for Billy Strange's 12-string overdub.