[all sessions held at Brian's home studio unless noted otherwise]
[all releases on Brother/Reprise unless stated otherwise]
  February 20 - Civic Auditorium, Santa Monica CA [w/The Flame and Flash Cadillac]
23 - WPLJ radio show, New York NY
24 - Carnegie Hall, New York NY [1]
25 - Agora, Columbus OH
28 - Symphony Hall, Boston MA* [w/Seals and Crofts] [2]
  March   1 - Cool, Cool Water/Forever single released
  1 - David Frost TV show, New York NY*
12 - Valley Music Theater, Los Angeles CA*
       [w/Pacific Gas & Electric and Red Wilder Blue - cancelled]
12 - session: This Whole World [Eastern Airlines advert version]
15 - Dennis Wilson session - Old Movie (= 4th Of July)/Barnyard Blues [demos]
early - Terminal Island Federal Prison, Long Beach CAć
  April   2 - Porterville College, Porterville CA* [w/The Flame]
  3 - Surf's Up session: Don't Go Near The Water/Old Movie (= 4th Of July)
  4 - Surf's Up session: Long Promised Road
12 - Whiskey A Go-Go, Los Angeles CA* [3]
13 - Whiskey A Go-Go, Los Angeles CA* [3]
22 - JFK Coliseum, Manchester NH
23 - Wouldn't It Be Nice (live)/(other artist) single released (Ode)
23 - David Gym, Bucknell University, Lewisburg PA*
24 - Wade Stadium, Duke University, Durham NC* [/w Grateful Dead, New Riders Of
       The Purple Sage, Paul Butterfield Blues Band and Mountain]
27 - Fillmore East, New York NY [4]
28 - Lowell Auditorium, Lowell MA [w/Mist]
29 - Loews State Theater, Providence RI [w/Swallow]
30 - Painters Mill Music Fair, Owings Mills MD
?? - Surf's Up session: A Day in the Life Of A Tree
?? - Dennis Wilson session: Barbara (demo)
?? - Carl Wilson session: Telephone Backgrounds (On A Clear Day)
  May   1 - May Day Rally, Washington DC
       [w/The Tayles, Detroit, Charlie Mingus, Linda Ronstadt and Phil Ochs][5]
  2 - Trinity College, Hartford CT* [cancelled]
  2 - Paris Cinema, Worcester MA [3 shows - w/Psychedelic Magician]
  4 - The Dome, CW Post College, Brookville NY [6]
  4 - Surf's Up session: Long Promised Road
  6 - New Paltz College, NY [w/Happy Traum]
  7 - Spectrum, Philadelphia PA [w/Boz Scaggs and Taj Mahal]
  7 - David Frost TV show, New York NY (taped April 27th)
  8 - University of Bridgeport CT
  9 - State University of New York, Plattsburgh NY
11 - Berrigan Brothers Benefit, Manley Field House, Syracuse NY
       [w/Peter Yarrow] [7]
23 - Surf's Up session: (Wouldn't It Be Nice To) Live Again
24 - Long Promised Road/Deirdre single released
  June   3 - Surf's Up session: Disney Girls (1957)
18 - Surf's Up session: Surf's Up [Sunset - new track for 11/4/66 version]
19 - Surf's Up session: Surf's Up [overdubs to 1966 track, to 23rd]
?? - Surf's Up session: A Day In the Life Of A Tree [before 20th]
20 - Surf's Up session: 4th Of July [vocals]/'Happy Birthday, Brian'
25 - Surf's Up session: saftey master made
26 - Beggars Banquet Festival, Borough of York Stadium, Toronto ON, Canada*
       [w/Alice Cooper, Bread, Chilliwack, Steppenwolf, Blood Rock and
27 - Fillmore East closing night, New York NY [w/Mountain, Allman Brothers, J Geils
       Band, Albert King, Edgar Winter and Country Joe McDonald] [8]
29 - session: Won't You Tell Me [Sunset]
30 - Theatre Maisonneuve, Place Des Arts, Montreal QB,  Canada* [8]
  July   1 - Kings Bridge Armory, New York NY*
  2 - Wollman Rink, Central Park, New York NY
       [w/Boz Scaggs, Kate Taylor, Carly Simon and Ike & Tina Turner] [9]
  3 - Wollman Rink, Central Park, New York NY*
       [w/Boz Scaggs, Kate Taylor, Carly Simon and Ike & Tina Turner] [9]
  7 - Dennis Wilson session: Behold the Night/It's A New Day [Sunset]
  8 - Dennis Wilson session; It's A New Day [Sunset]
23 - Surf's Up session: Disney Girls (1957)/Student Demonstration Time
?? - Surf's Up session: 4th Of July [before the 25th]
26 - Surf's Up session: Take A Load Off Your Feet, Pete/A Day in The Life Of A Tree
29 - Surf's Up session: Feel Flows/Lookin' At Tomorrow
30 - Surf's Up session: 'Til I Die/Don't Go Near The Water
  August 24 - session: Won't You Tell Me [Sunset]
30 - Surf's Up album released
  mid-late year ?? - Dennis Wilson solo album sessions: once Surf's Up was wrapped, Dennis turned
       his hand to a tentative solo album project, collaborating with Darryl Dragon.
       Songs known to have been recorded around this time are "I've Got A Friend",
       "Baby, Baby" (sung live on at least one occaision), "Ecology" (the intro to which
       grew into "River Song"), the oldie "Sea Cruise", "I've Got A Friend" and "Old
       Movie", which this time was a working title for "Cuddle Up". "It's A New Day"
       (originally a shampoo commercial) was later finished up with a Blondie Chaplin
       lead for The Beach Boys. Evidently none too seriously, Dennis said the album
       would be called Poops or maybe Hubba Hubba.
September 22 - Ramada Inn, Portsmouth RI* [10]
23 - Music Hall, Boston MA [w/Boz Scaggs]
24 - Carnegie Hall, New York NY [2 shows]
25 - Villanova University, Philadelphia PA
26 - State University of New York, Stony Brook NY [w/Boz Scaggs]
28 - Keaney Gym, RI University, Kingston RI
29 - Taft Auditorium, Cincinnati OH
30 - Warner Theater, Erie PA*
  October   1 - Butler University, Indianapolis IN
  2 - University of Notre Dame, South Bend IN
  8 - Spring session: Thinkin' 'Bout You Baby/'Brian Wilson talks with and about
        Spring' [11]
11 - Long Promised Road/'Til I Die single released
20 - Now That Everything's Been Said/Awake Spring single released (United Artists)
23 - People's Concert, Municipal Stadium, Phoenix AZ*
       (Benefit show w/Taj Mahal)
  November   5 - Fairfield University, Fairfield CT*
  6 - University of Virginia, Charlottesville VA* [w/The Byrds]
  7 - Georgetown University, Washington DC
  9 - CW Post College, Greenvale NY*
10 - CW Post College, Greenvale NY* [12]
11 - Indiana University of Pennsylvania, Indiana PA*
12 - Central Theater, Passaic NJ* [2 shows]
13 - Princeton University, Princeton NJ * [2 shows]
14 - State University of New York, Fredonia NY*
16 - Syria Mosque, Pittsburgh PA*
17 - Aerie Crown Theater, Chicago IL*
18 - Arena Annex, St Louis MO*
19 - Masonic Auditorium, Detroit MI*
20 - Music Hall, Cleveland OH
21 - Fiesta Del Sol Festival, Puerto Rico [cancelled]
21 - Guthrie Theater, Minneapolis MN*
22 - Performing Arts Center, Milwaukee WI*
29 - Surf's Up/Don't Go Near The Water single released
  December   3 - Long Beach Arena, Long Beach CA [w/Elvin Bishop and Seatrain] [13]
  4 - San Diego Sports Arena, San Diego CA [w/Elvin Bishop and Seatrain]
  5 - Honolulu International Center Arena, Honolulu HI* [cancelled] [14]
10 - Winterland, San Francisco CA [w/Stoneground and Mason Profitt]
11 - Winterland, San Francisco CA [w/Stoneground and Mason Profitt]
late - Carl And The Passions - So Tough sessions:
          Marcella demo/ A Road Not Taken (=All This Is That) demo/"#4" (= Make It
          Good)/"#5" (untitled Dennis track)/Cuddle Up/Ten Years Harmony demo/Out
          In The Country/Body Talk (?) [15]
  Originally a two-show engagement booked by two rabid BB fans, the second show
  was cancelled because of almost non-existant sales. The remaining show was SRO.
  David Marks, living in Boston at the time, joined the band for the encore.
  Apparently back in LA, David guested at these shows too.
  The legendary jam with The Grateful Dead.
  This show was filmed: footage appears in the American Band DVD.
  Allegedly, a drunk Dennis walked off stage during this show.
  Dennis was absent from this show: he was back in LA, post-dubbing his part for Two
  Lane Blacktop.
  Dennis wasn't present for these shows either, probably as a result of his hand injury.
  These two shows were filmed for the "Good Vibrations From Central Park" ABC TV
  special, broadcast August 19th. For continuity, the artists were told to wear the same
  clothes for both gigs.
  The first live shows for both Ricky Fataar and Billy Hinsche. Blondie joined some
  five  months later.
  'Brian Wilson Talks With...' is a limited edition promo tape featuring Brian & Diane:
  recorded late in the evening after the session, it's quite hilarious. Brian seems to be
  having some trouble keeping on topic. The date could be the 18th.
  Dennis quit the tour after this show apparently due to family problems.
  Brian made a rare live appearence, playing organ while Jack Rieley sang "A Day In
  The Life Of A Tree".
  A band member - unspecified - was ill.
  The documentation for these sessions is both incomplete and somewhat contradictory,
  further confused by Keith Badman essentially inventing dates for them.
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