[unless noted otherwise, all sessions were at MIU: Mike's Waves gigs in blue]
  January   6 - Sportatorium, Hollywood FL
  7 - Civic Center, Lakeland FL
  8 - University of Florida, Gainesville FL [w/The Outlaws]
  9 - The Omni, Atlanta GA
10 - Von Braun Center, Huntsville AL (no Brian)
11 - Mid South Coliseum, Memphis TN (no Brian)
12 - Love You session: Airplane (tag) [Brother]
12 - Market Sq Arena, Indianapolis IN (no Brian)
13 - Richfield Coliseum, Cleveland OH (no Brian)
14 - Love You session: album assembled [Brother]
15 - Olympia Stadium, Detroit MI
16 - Maple Leaf Gardens, Toronto ON, Canada (2 shows)
17 - The Forum, Montreal QC, Canada
18 - The Spectrum, Philadelphia PA
19 - Adult/Child session: Still I Dream Of It [Brother ?] [1]
19 - Civic Arena, Pittsburgh PA
20 - Capitol Center, Largo MD
21 -  Capitol Center, Largo MD [2]
24 - NBC Arena, Honolulu HI [cancelled] [3]
25 - NBC Arena, Honolulu HI [cancelled]
  February Feb to March - Adult/Child sessions: in addition to the titles noted below, also recorded were It's Tryin' To Say (aka Baseball's On)/Everybody Wants To Live
  3 - Eric Carmen session: She Did It/Hey Deanie [Brother] [4]
  9 - Adult/Child session: Still I Dream Of It [Brother]
10 - Pacific Ocean Blue session: Pacific Ocean Blues [Brother]
19 - Grammy Awards CBS-TV broadcast, Los Angeles CA [5]
25 - Adult/Child session: Deep Purple/It's Over Now [Brother]
  March ?? - Adult/Child session: Life is For The Living/New England Waltz
      [Brother - before the 11th]
  3 - Bambu session: Love Remember Me [Brother]
11 - Adult/Child session: Deep Purple/Life Is For The Living/It's Over Now/Still I
       Dream Of It [orchestra - Western]
13 - Pacific Ocean Blue session: Feel The Pull [Brother]
14 - Pacific Ocean Blue session: editing & mixing [Brother]
15 - Pacific Ocean Blue session: Time [Brother]
16 - Adult/Child session: unknown song [Brother]
18 - Pacific Ocean Blue session: Dreamer [Brother]
22 - Pacific Ocean Blue session: 'Album tag' [Brother]
22 - Pacific Ocean Blue session: editing & mixing [Brother]
23 - Pacific Ocean Blue session: editing & mixing [Brother]
29 - Pacific Ocean Blue session: End Of The Show [Brother]
  April 12 - Adult/Child session: Lines [Brother]
11 - The Beach Boys Love You album released
15 - Pacific Ocean Blue session: End Of The Show [Brother]
19 - Pacific Ocean Blue session: End Of The Show [Brother]
23 - Pacific Ocean Blue session: album assembled [Brother]
  May ?? - 22 - Pacific Ocean Blue session: Farewell My Fried [vocals] [Brother]
12 - Dennis Wilson session: Oh Darling [Brother] [6]
30 - Honkin' Down The Highway/Solar System single released
  summer ?? - session: Lady Lynda [Brother]
?? - Pacific Ocean Blue session: Dreamer [Brother - before 15th June]
?? - American Spring sessions: It's Like Heaven/California Feeling/To Sir With Love
       [Brother] [7]
  June   3 - Adult/Child session: Shortenin' Bread [Brother]
15 - Pacific Ocean Blue session: album mastered
23 - session: Gimme Some Lovin' [Brother]
27 - Adult/Child session: album assembled
European Tour [8]
(support on all UK dates were Gallagher & Lyle, Dave Edmund's Rockpile,
Ricci Martin and Dr Feelgood except as noted)
23 - Cardiff Castle, Cardiff, Wales [cancelled]
24 - Belle Vue, Manchester, England
       [Barclay James Harvest for Gallagher & Lyle - cancelled]
26 - St. Goarshausen Freilichtbühn, Lorelei , Germany
      [w/The Outlaws, Bonnie Raitt & Ricci Martin - cancelled]
28 - Scheveningen, Netherlands [support unknown - cancelled]#
30 - Wembley Stadium, London, England
       [w/Ricci Martin and Gallagher & Lyle - cancelled]
30 - CBS Convention, London, England [closed industry show - no support]
  August   1 - Dalymont Park, Dublin, Ireland  [cancelled]
  4 - Bambu session: He's A Bum [Brother]
19 - State Fairgrounds, Indianapolis IN [w/Ricci Martin]
20 - Kentucky State Fair, Louisville KY [w/Ricci Martin]
21 - Mississippi River Festival, Edwardsville IL [w/Ricci Martin]
22 - Iowa State Fair, Des Moines IA [w/Ricci Martin]
24 - Pine Knob, Clarkston MI [w/Ricci Martin] [9]
25 - Pine Knob, Clarkston MI [w/Ricci Martin] [9]
26 - Pine Knob, Clarkston MI [w/Ricci Martin] [9]  
27 - Castle Farms Music Theatre, Charlevoix MI [w/Ricci Martin] 
28 - CNE Grandstand, Toronto ON, Canada [w/Ricci Martin] [9]
29 - CNE Grandstand, Toronto ON, Canada [w/Ricci Martin]
30 - Hershey Park, Hershey PA* [w/Ricci Martin]
31 - Performing Arts Center, Saratoga NY [w/Ricci Martin] [9]
  September   1 - Central Park, New York NY [w/Ricci Martin]
  2 - Narragansett Raceway, Pawtucket RI [w/Ricci Martin & Leo Sayer]  [10]
15 - 3rd Annual Rock Music Awards, Los Angeles CA
16 - Pacific Ocean Blue Dennis Wilson album released (Caribou)
?? - Bambu session: Only With You [vocals]
  fall ?? - Mike Love sessions: Shooting Star/Jailbait (=Lovestruck) [Brother]
10 - Bambu session: Wild Situation [Brother]
  October 11 - Dick Clark's Good Ole Days, ABC TV, Los Angeles CA
14 - University of Kansas, Lawrence KS
14 - You And I/Friday Night Dennis Wilson single released (Caribou)
15 - University of Iowa, Iowa City IA
16 - Indiana State University, Terre Haute IN
17 - Berkeley Community Theater, Berkeley CA [11]
18 - Bambu session: My Love Lives On/Something New/10,000 Years Ago [Brother]
19 - Music Hall, Houston TX
21 - El Camino College, Torrance CA*
22 - Wilshire Ebell Theater, Los Angeles CA
23 - California Theater, San Diego CA
24 - Bambu session Down in Mexico/Time For Bed/Baby Blue [Brother]
25 - Bambu session: Time For Bed [Brother]
26 - Bambu session: Time For Bed [Brother]
31 - Dennis solo tour rehearsal [Brother]
  November   1 - Dennis solo tour rehearsal [Brother]
  2 - Don Kirshner's "Rock Concert" taping, Brother Studio, Santa Monica CA
       [Dennis solo - cancelled]
11 - Freedom Hall Civic Center, Johnson City TN
12 - William and Mary College, Williamsburg VA
13 - Coliseum, Charlotte NC
The Iowa sessions:
Decamping to the Maharishi International University in Fairfield IA, Mike, Alan & Brian recorded tracks that were to become associated with both the M.I.U. Album (initially California Feeling, which was mixed and assembled in late December - see below) and an abortive Xmas set, Merry Christmas From The Beach Boys. As can be seen from the sessions below, there seemed to be no clear distinction between the two projects, as had been previously assumed. Other titles known to have been recorded at MIU are "Mike, Come Back To LA" and "Santa's On His Way". The AFM sheets only list Carl as present on December 3rd & 4th, and Dennis not at all, although it appears he did pay a fleeting visit, playing drums on an early session for "She's Got Rhythm".
14 - session: She's Got Rhythm/Santa's Got An Airplane
15 - session: Winter Symphony/Our Team/How's About A Little Bit
16 - American Spring session: Don't Be Cruel/? California Feeling
17 - session #1: Beach Burlesque/Wontcha Come Out Tonight
       session #2: Alone On Christmas Day
       session #3: Goin' To Get That Girl
17 - American Spring session - Baby (I Could Be So Good At Loving You)
18 - session #1: Sunday Kinda Love/Matchpoint Of Our Love/Egypt
       session #2: Why/Matchpoint Of Our Love/Egypt
       session #3: Bells Of Christmas/Hawaii Christmas (= Melekalikimaka)/Pitter
                        Patter [12]
18 - SW Missouri State U., Springfield MO
19 - University of Illinois, Champaign-Urbana IL
20 - University of Dayton, Dayton OH
21 - session #1 (Celebration): Sad, Sad Summer/Almost Summer/Cruisin'
       session #2 (Celebration): Chief Joseph/Sad, Sad Summer
       session #3: Winter Symphony/Goin' To Get That Girl
22 - session: Winter Symphony/Alone On Christmas Day
22 - Dennis Wilson session: Merry Christmas (=Morning Christmas) [Brother]
23 - session: Sad, Sad Christmas/Winds Of Change/Christmas Medley
?? - Mike Love session: TM Siddhi Program
Dennis Wilson solo tour

  To promote Pacific Ocean Blue Dennis planned a small solo tour, and held at
  least two rehearsals for it (see above), but the whole enterprise was cancelled when
  he was told by the band's management that if the tour went ahead, he was out. In
  addition to the dates below, a show at LA's Dorothy Chandler Pavilion was
  scheduled, and there were a few other venues mentioned. In all there were maybe
  ten dates scheduled. According to those who have heard the rehersals tapes, the
  setlist would have been "What's Wrong/Pacific Ocean Blues/You And I/
  Time/Friday Night/Baby Blue/Moonshin/Thoughts Of You/End Of The Show"
21- Paramount, Asbury Park NJ [cancelled]
22 - Hofstra University, Hempstead NY [cancelled]
23 - Avery Fisher Hall, New York NY [cancelled]
29 - Academy Of Music, Philadelphia PA [cancelled]
  December   2 - session: Matchpoint Of Our Love/Sunday Kinda Love
  3 - session: Little Girl (=Wontcha Come Out Tonight)/She's Got Rhythm
  4 - session: Pitter Patter/Our Team/How's About A Little Bit
early - Chicago IL [cancelled]
  5 - Detroit MI [cancelled]
  9 - Bambu session: Baby Blue [Brother]
11 - Pacific Coliseum, Vancouver BC, Canada [w/The Foreman Young Band]
12 - Memorial Coliseum, Portland OR
13 - session: Toys For Tots PSA/My Diane vocal/Konas Coast/Pitter Patter/Wontcha
                    Come Out Tonight/Match Point of Our Love [Kaye Smith, Seattle] [13]
13 - Seattle Center Coliseum, Seattle WA [13]
14 - Washington State University, Pullman WA [13]
16 - Jackson County Expo, Medford OR [cancelled]
17 - University of Oregon, Eugene OR
24 - California Feeling session: master #1 assembled [14]
26 - San Diego Sports Arena, San Diego CA
27 - Forum, Los Angeles CA
28 - Cow Palace, San Francisco CA
29 - California Feeling session: master #2 assembled
  unknown ?? - Bambu sessions: Cocktails/Crying/Fever/Here Comes The Sun/My Love's
       Coming Down (=Love Remember Me aka I Don't Know) [Brother] [15]
  The date for this session is undoubtedly wrong, but that's what is says on the tape
  box. Very probably it's the February 9th session incorrectly noted.
  Reportedly, after this show Mike flew to Switzerland for a six-month course in TM.
  Certainly the band no shows over the next five months.
  The stated reason was that Mike had heptitis.
  Carmen originally called Carl to come down and sing the bvs - along with Bruce
  Johnston & Curt Becher - for these songs, but it was Carl's 11th wedding
  anniversary so he declined, but told Carmen that Brian was also recording at
  Brother and to ask him. Carmen did, and Brian agreed. However, it's questionable
  if he's on the released versions of these titles, as both Carmen & Bruce say the bvs
  were later re-recorded (Brian's performance was described as "below par").
  Brian, Carl & Dennis presented the Grammy for the best new artist. At the same
  event, Song Of The Year was won by one Bruce Johnston for "I Write The Songs".
  Not the song that appeared on Keepin' The Summer Alive. Recorded with Karen.
  This incarnation of American Spring comprised Marilyn, Diane and Brian's new
  'minder', Rushtyn 'Rocky' Pamplin.
  The Beach Boys were pencilled in for The Queen's Silver Jubilee concert at
  Wembley on July 11th, but withdrew when it was announced that Paul McCartney
  & Wings, who they thought they'd be doing a joint set with - would not be
  particpating. An all-American show at Wembley on July 30th also fell by the
  wayside, so the band apparently decided to mount their own mini-stadium tour.
  The shows - which included the CBS show - were only officially announced on July
  2nd , and then cancelled less than three weeks later when it was discovered that the
  band's new manager, Henry Lazarus, had not completed the paperwork adequately
  nor arranged the necessary work permits. Additionally, the ticket sales were very
  slow, Wembley excepted.
  These shows included a short set by Dennis performing songs from POB.
  The following day, at Newark airport, the infamous 'on-the-tarmac' bust-up took
  place, which resulted in the band imploding for two weeks. A meeting at Brian's
  house resolved the situation, the outcome being that Mike & Alan gained coroprate
  control of the band.
  This was a proto-Celebration show featuring Mike, Charles Lloyd, Ron Altbach, Ed
  Carter, Rusty Ford, Gary Griffin & Mike Kowalski, with Alan as a special guest.
  They were billed as "Making Waves", but Mike announced from the stage that
  they'd been told this name was already taken so the band was "Waves". This was
  one of only five known gigs they did under this name (see below - they also did at
  least one other as "Tauranga") before becoming Celebration. The event's official
  title was "Illusion or Reality - A Magical-Musical Experience", the magic being
  supplied by Doug Henning (who was also a TM devotee).
  Given that the band were playing a gig on the evening of the 18th, there has to some
  doubt regarding the third session taking place (unless it was with no Beach Boys
  Filmed for the Our Team promo.
  This first master included "Shortenin' Bread" and "It's Over Now". Presumably they
  were removed five days later.
  Apparently, "Here Comes The Sun" was recorded - with Karen Lamm - for
  consideration for the Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band movie.