spring   Brian signs a production deal with Bruce Johnston & Terry Melcher's RCA-distributed
  Equinox label, but the agreement soon lapses.
  March   reissued "Sail On, Sailor/Only With You" single charts at #49, easily the best Warner's 45
  placing to date.
  April   Capitol release Spirit Of America (essentially Endless Summer Volume 2, but including the
  1969 non-album single "Break Away") and see it rise to #8. Ex-professional basketball player
  Stanley Love (brother of Mike & Steve) is hired to be Brian's 'minder' and to try to arrest his
  physical decline. He leaves at the end of the summer to return to pro basketball. Ricky Fataar
  leaves the band: Dennis resumes full-time drumming duty.
  May   Elmer Lee Marks, father of David, died of cancer on the 17th aged 47.
  June   Warners counter with Good Vibrations - Best Of The Beach Boys, a single LP, which
  covers the bases from 1966 to 1973. It equals the live album in being the best charting
  Warners' LP, peaking at #25. During the summer, the Beach Boys team up with Chicago for a
  12-city SRO series of shows - the 'Beachago' tour (which is recorded for possible later
  August   with Terry Melcher, Brian co-produces the A side of  the California Music single "Why Do
  Fools Fall In Love/Don't Worry, Baby", released on RCA-Equinox.
  October   Marilyn Wilson hires Eugene E. Landy (born November 26th 1934, Pittsburgh PA) to treat
  Brian. Previously his clients have included actors Rod Steiger & Gig Young, and singer Alice
  Cooper. Landy's controversial form of treatment is centered on a total control of his patient's
  daily life. The initial results are encouraging. With brother-in-law Billy Hinsche, Carl produces
  a Capitol 45 for Ricci Martin, "Stop, Look Around/I Had A Dream".
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